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"genesis" Effect


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hmm well crap. I can't seem to upload this file and I don't have the means to host it myself at the moment, so uh... nevermind...

In the mean time here's a still, if you squint at it and shake your head around a lot, that will be just what the movie looks like...


..over and out.

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cool.. neat stuff. i like staring at the post long enough until it looks like your avatar is sitting there contently trying to sway these pretty things back and forth with his atari controller all day long.

i'd love to see it in motion myself. what were the render times like?

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I like it!

Are those L-Systems? How do get them to grow so smoothly?

Are this really small integration steps?

I already was thinking about this, but cannot describe it in words - :angry: .


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