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Sprite Snow

MIguel P

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Hello everyone.

I've done a little scene to try making volumetric snow with sprites. I am surprised with the results because the render times are not too long.

I think I'm going to try something like Digital Domain's avalanche in XXX

The scene is inspired in the helicopter crash sequence from Day after tomorrow. I know the snow motion isn't realistic. There is only a single layer of snow, and there aren't snow chunks.



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Miguel, you rule! Really like what you're doing and how you are pushing things.

One thing that would be cool in this one would be to see the displaced snow as the pod burries itself into the powder.

The other thing is, you do alot of great work with sprites, you thought about doing more with volumetrics at some point?

[quote name='MIguel P

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sprites + dshads can get a surprising amount of depth and volume. I often find myself choosing sprites to do something instead of a true voxel approach.

Very cool stuff though, Miguel. Well done.


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Hi Miguel :)

If you okay, could you show me simple sprite + dshad example file?

I really like your shot.

The best thing you can do is read my meteor tutorial at my web site http://www.miguelperezsenent.com/

The shader I've used for the snow is exactly the same that I explain in my tut. I've only changed the frequency and roughness parameters :)

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