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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, im kinda new to houdini working on a personal project... ive tried destructions in houdini but im a bit confused as to how to get through this effect i have a similar scene in working on and i need the pretty same impact on the ground i would really be thankful if u guys helped me a bit with this thank you
  2. Hi, I am pretty new to Houdini and I've got a noob question: how can I only render the light and shadow on the ground without the ground? Thanks a lot, Máté
  3. Ground destruction

    hey, I'm working on a little effect like the impact of magic hammer on the ground which is doing deformation. In attachment there is an mp4 file from diffrent cameras to show what I have at this moment. There is no DOP / RBD simulation right now inside so I deform all this stuff using wrangler and pointdeform for transfering deformation on my geometry from voronoi. There is also hip file in this zip file uploaded so you can see exactly what is going on. I'm stuck at this moment because when I'm trying bullet simullation it looks bad and lot of pieces falling down event if I have ground plane in my dop which is close to the bottom of the ground geometry. Maybe someone of you did something similar effect and can give me some tips how can I improve it? Its pretty hard to find any references for this impact. Hope you can help me guys or show the best way for it. Dust and debris should be the easiest thing so the main problem is in ground deformation and interact with my hammer. ps. have problems with adding files here so in below is the link with zip which including mp4,hip,cache and it cost only 14/15mb so dont worry Attachment: https://we.tl/0qtqQavieE
  4. Hi, I'm trying to fracture a ground box, with growing towers from underneath it, pretty basic. But I'm already stumbling on a few issues: - can't seem to fracture (use shelf tool "make breakable") a large flat box (the ground). see frac_flat. hipnc it works with box1 at size 2.5 0.1 2.5 but bigger size in x and z will prevent it from fracturing :/ - in this one it works with large ground because I clicked "RBD fracture object" and set it to packed. But how could I prevent the ground from rising (except the broken pieces) ? see frac_flat_packed.hipnc can't constraint packed rbd :/ I'm probably not doing this the right way, so feel free to redirect me to any better solution Thanks in advance. frac_flat.hipnc frac_flat_packed.hipnc
  5. Footprints

    Hi guys, Could I have some advice on creating basic footsteps imprints once animated feet hit the ground. I'm fairly new to Houdini so if you could explain as simple as possible, Thanks! Ground material;