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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone with the newest Houdini I seem having an issue with the environment light, rendering with mantra. When I insert an HDR or EXR it will be shown in the viewport correctly, but when I hit the render button I get the message prompted seen in the image attached. Help would highly be appreciated!
  2. Hello Houdini folks! For first let me wish You happy new year! And for second, let me have a tiny question . How can I render in Redshift transparent background png. with hdri lighting (RSLightDome)? Is it possible somehow? Thank You very much for any advices. And finally, can I kindly ask U, to post a hip. file, or print-scr with this "transparent-background" preset in your attachment? Many thanks Michal.
  3. Hey, iam using a simple glass material with some tweaked parameters and i rendered out one single frame, it took me 1.5 hours to render it complety and i still got a decent amount of noise? Im using a hdri image for lightning and increased my samples from my lightsources to reduce noise. anyone would know how to reduce my noise? This are my render settings.
  4. HDRI lighing

    Hey, whats that thing with hdri maps in houdini? They always look ugly. one side is heavily overexposed and the other side too dark. Doesnt really matter if I use .hdr, rat or exr files. How the hell is it ossible to correctly light with hdrs in houdini?This image is lit with this hdr: https://cg-source.com/details_hdrisky.php?id=0066-01&pricat=sky
  5. HDRI overexposure

    Hi there, I got the problem that HDRI images I want to load into houdini never look like they should. Pretty much always heavily overexposed. Can't bring it back in a cops environment so is there some other way to import them correctly?
  6. Hi, I have an HDRI image that I want to use as a background plate and compose a 3d object into the HDRI scene and match the lighting of that 3d object. But I am unable to do so properly, adding the HDRI to a plane/Grid is useless and adding it on a sphere is not very useful. How can I use an HDRI as a backplate or will I require a non-HDRI for backplate? If so, is there any option to map a portion of HDRI onto a plane/grid and then use it as backplate? Please help. Thanks.