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Found 4 results

  1. Else if command

    Hi everyone, I'm building a HDA that will pick the the proper geo at the prims of the proper size, but I need the "else if" statement that is not available in hscript. What I need is the multiple if command that will output just one true value (there will be one true value actually). Is it possible w hscript? Best Regards Tom
  2. Hey magicians, I'm doing some procedural vehicle setups inspired by Maciej Kuciara. I'm trying to make these type of tanks and what it comes to my mind is create differents blocks / modules, for the front, middle and back, and give each one some randomness on bevel edges / points and stuff. My question is: how can I setup the modules so, for example, they rotate in 90 degrees, and they plug on the right side, for example the front one goes always connected by the back axis. I think this can be done with if / else stuff? and expressions for the 90° rotation? any tips will be super handy. Thanks!
  3. Hello again! I have a simple IF condition here that fetches an attribute value from a geometry & prints a result according to the comparison but for some reason it's not behaving as expected. It's just 2 nodes & very simple yet as a non-programmer I'm scratching my head. If anyone can take a look & tell me what I did wrong I'd really appreciate it If_condition.hipnc
  4. Hi, I have been trying for hours to make my glued object stick to the ground by using an old VOPSOP method. (When the sys starts my object crumbles immediately) Everything works fine with OLD set up but I want to figure out how to make it work with the new AttributeVOP Cheers! Images and hipfile UP thank you. glue_to_ground.hipnc