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Found 15 results

  1. Happy new year, everyone. Let me ask my first question this year, I'm sure i have saw the similar problem before, but i can't find it again. So how can i control the shape of the grid become to a grid like. I want a smooth outline of my grid,not be a spindle. But it seems the ramp can't do it. I will appreciate if someone give me help. vopsop.hip
  2. Hi, I have been trying for hours to make my glued object stick to the ground by using an old VOPSOP method. (When the sys starts my object crumbles immediately) Everything works fine with OLD set up but I want to figure out how to make it work with the new AttributeVOP Cheers! Images and hipfile UP thank you. glue_to_ground.hipnc
  3. could anyone explain me what is current:space , object:spce in transform node .
  4. Hello People, I have been trying to produce a Boolean value i.e. 0 or 1,So that i can use it as condition for my (IF Block) in pointvop. But whenever i am dividing Ptnum by 2 using the node modulo is always leave a value of 0. Help!!
  5. hi, i am trying to emit particle from the red channel . but not happening. i dont understand how to connect red channel to the emission of the particle. attaching hip file also . looking for some generous comments . thanks :-) houdini_color_displace_v04.hip
  6. hi, i am stuck . :-) i was trying to displace the simple grid using point vop and paint. i was curious to find if we can add normals or mesh after we displace . as i have marked out in the pic. is there anyone who can show me the light. your help much appreciated. thanks
  7. Hello! So I have just spent the last few hours trying to understand why I wasn`t able to have my point cloud nodes (pcOpen, pcImport, pcIterate, etc.) running normally. It turns out that my problem had nothing to do with the pc[...] nodes but rather about the fact that I was within a VOPSOP node rather than in an AttribVOP. In the end, what I noticed is that whatever was sent into my "while" loop to be processed with pcIterate would end up going nowhere. my while loop wasn't able to return anything else than null data. When I rebuilt my loop structure within a AttribVOP instead of a VOPSOP, everything started to magically work. It seems to me the problem is similar to another problem I've seen about PointWrangle VS AttribWrangle where some functionality works in one but not the other. From this thread it seems that it's all about context. In the end, I did find a workaround by using the AttribVOP instead but I have to admit that I really don't have a clue about why I should use one or the other... Is AttribVOP always better? Is it just a more generally usable node; VOPSOP being more specific or something? PS: I think I've heard that these nodes changed in H14 but we are using H13 because of production requirements.
  8. Guys. Help me a trigonometric functions problems, i have to calculation the angle of the polygon. The expression angle = acos (dot(N(V1),N(V2))) can't get the degrees great than 180, i have a polygon interior angle great than 180. How can i judge when negative the angle, I totally forget the dot product principle. Thanks. angle_between_vectors.hip
  9. Hi All! For my next learning/portfolio enhancing project, I decided to use and age old proved method of learning... copy the masters! I was looking for something with Pyro/Fluids to do and the volcano idea was nagging me. So logical step... big volcano eruption in European culture: Vesuvius! I decided to re-do, in 3D, using Houdini and Nuke, this piece from the painter Joseph Wright More info about it can be found here The basic still image I want to do will be as close as possible to this one. I also plan to do a camera pull of around 25 secs, that will start from the volcano crater, with the beginning of the smoke being spat out and as the camera pulls away back towards the still frame position, you'll see the lava coming down, the smoke and so on... What I expect to learn from this (and/or how I expect to approach the challenge): - Procedural approach all the way; - Pyro and Fluids in general (viscosity in lava etc...); - shader build, -use of Vopsops/wrangler nodes; - the new cloud tools; -lighting and rendering; - particles. What I know so far... I know that if you look at the scene, you could probably make it happen quite fast, by faking/approaching it smartly. The lava being spat out can be a simple Pop network with a Force and for good measure a particle fluid assigned to it (or just a bunch of particles, since it is far away!) and I could use the already existing lava shader, provided in the examples that ship out with Houdini, namely: downhill lava and fire pit example. But... since I want to later on do the camera pull, instead of building 2 scenes, one static, with lot's of faking and re-using stuff, I decided to maximize the learning (that's the important part, right?) and so a full New stuff scene! So I'll be posting lot's of questions! For maximizing the questions, I'm thinking about opening threads in the appropriate places and then linking them to this one. Like this I think I can get 2 things: more visibility which translates in faster answers and easier to read information for future users... they'll not have to read through all the posts in the wip section, they can find the "to the point" thread somewhere else... I hope this is not against the rules, somehow! So, stay tuned and I'll be seeing you guys! Cheers!
  10. Because i want to control the range of the wave, so i did it in vopsop. But there is no such a oceanwave deform in vopsop. However i can replace the houdini oceanwave by HOT ocean in vopsop, but it is a little slowly. Anyway can i use the houdini oceanwave in vopsop, or other way to control the range of the oceanwave. a simple sketch. Thank you for your time!
  11. HI, Guys. I am going to curlnoise a grid. I hope i can control the range of noise,also the strength of the curlnoise can decrease slowly,just like gradual change. So the ramp must be best. It looks a little easy, but i fail when try vopsop, i just have not grasp the essence of the vopsop. I make a simple sketch, hope you guys can understand. Many thanks! NOISE_Ramp.hip
  12. Hi! Guys. I am working a stuff such as wall collapse. https://vimeo.com/65805544 I used a vopsop to deform . and after the voronoiferacture another vopsop to restore the old position. The problem is how can i restore it back, i add a multiply -1 sop ,it not work well. Also i have a try with invert , bad result too. any tip. THANKS. vopsop to restore.hipnc
  13. Hi Everyone, I started learning Houdini a couple of weeks ago, and I love it so far! Basically I am trying to use the vopsop to simulate the behaviour of the "grow selection tool", without any luck unfortunately. So if I select the points nearest to the ground plane in the vopsop, I want to be able to grow this selection (with a slider or something) on the mesh. Not in any particular direction, just following the geometry, as the actual tool would. Any help/advice is much appreciated! Thanks, George
  14. hi guys. are there any tutorials for vopsop or all nodes which used in vopsop? if there are,so please introduce them to me. excuse my english. best regards.
  15. hakack

    vopsop question

    I have a simulation that has particles running over a terrain to mimic rainwater. However, there are places where I want to get rid of stray particles. I tried writing a vopsop that uses a while loop to calculate the distance from a point to all the other points and deletes it if the minimum distance is higher than a certain number. The problem is it calculates the distance of the points from the origin instead of the other points. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Particledelete.hipnc
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