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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all I am working on a shot that needs ink to morph into a Heart then into a Ship. I have the base of the effect , although my last morph is a little quick,need to figure out how to slow the ship morph down a bit. But my main issue is my particle advection isn't working correctly. The particles are inheriting velocities but they are not following the smoke sim correctly. They don't form the desired shape even though the pyro sim is. I have a scene attached if anyone could help it would be appreciated. Kraken_MAIN_Ink_Effect_09.hip Ship_Mod_v01.obj Heart_Mod_v01.obj
  2. Hey all, just a shoutout that next week Alessandro will give a presentation at the Los Angeles Houdini User Group: https://www.meetup.com/LA-Houdini-User-Group/events/235146114 Wednesday, November 30, 2016 7:30 PMto 10:00 PM Framestore LA 8616 National Blvd, Culver City, CA (map) Please join us for a presentation by Alessandro Pepe! Alessandro will present production workflows to tackle challenging tasks like ink underwater and tornado FX. He will first cover the overall workflow and then the setup inside Houdini with simplified examples. Topics covered: ● Dealing with hundreds of millions of particles ● Clustering ● Particles Gap Filling ● Taming a Pyro Sim into a tornado ● How to add complexity at render time (a quick overview to Volume Procedural Shaders). Mid-Advanced Level Class: This class assumes a basic knowledge of Houdini SOP, DOP and SHOP contexts. -- In case you can't make that one, the next one will be on Dec 15 @ Gnomon: https://www.meetup.com/LA-Houdini-User-Group/events/235771747/ LA-HUG Meetup: Using Booleans and Volume Meshing to Fracture Geometry Thursday, December 15, 2016 7:30 PMto 10:00 PM Gnomon — School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation 1015 N CAHUENGA BLVD , Los Angeles, CA Perhaps see you there! Peter
  3. If you couldn't come to ‪‎SIGGRAPH 2016‬, we'll make SIGGRAPH come to you! Here are two videos of Phill Mayer's presentation at the ‪‎SideFX‬ booth - watch our interview with him and follow his talk on how to achieve detailed ink in water simulations using ‪Houdini‬: www.gridmarkets.com/siggraph2016-phill-mayer Thanks for watching, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  4. Hi everyone, Talented Houdini artist Phill Mayer has a knack for ink in water effects. More on how he creates his stunning artwork in our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile: www.gridmarkets.com/phill-mayer We hope you enjoy it, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  5. Import Velocity Field into Pyro

    I am trying to accomplish an Ink in Water effect for a project in my course, and I have been instructed to use Pyro to do so. I am ok with this, as I have plans for my final project in the class that relies even more heavily on pyro to accomplish the effect, so learning how to wrangle it now will make it much better then. I have found a great source for my look development and sim development. I have figured out that I am going to need to create a vector space to control the velocity field of the simulation to really get the control that I want over the simulation, but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to import the field that I have generated in my SOP. The attached file has all of the vectors calculated and sitting on a SOP, but I only seem to be able to use it if I have it on the generating geometry, which I want to be separate so I can make it look like an injection into the volume instead of the volume creating it itself. This is actually a key part of my final for this class that I need to get the kinks worked out now, so I can focus on the individual problems for that project. So what am I missing in this DOP network? velocity volume test.hipnc
  6. cmiVFX Houdini Ink FX

    Hi Guys I just did a new training tutorial, this time on doing and ink in water effect, looks really cool and there's a bunch of great info there hope you like it Thank you cmiVFX Releases Brand New Houdini INK FX Ultra Class Video The Leaders In High End Video Training For The Visual Effects Industry Princeton, NJ (July 7th, 2014) New for this season, cmiVFX brings you a brand new and improved Houdini INK FX system. The Ink In Water effect is a classic amongst artists and scientists alike. Usually, the definition of Ink In Water is pretty self explanatory, however this time we will show you the easiest way for Houdini to tackle this effect. The truth, as we like to call a well done effect, is something that each person can master on their own personal style, yet Houdini can assist with this uniqueness due to the amount of data it can handle. Come see how awesome the power of Houdini really is while finally learning a very popular, and commercially viable effect shot. Short Description Houdini is no stranger to rendering large amounts of geometry, there for, the ink in water effect that we are going to develop will yield about about 27 million particles without skipping a beat. Naturally, Houdini can handle even more and you will learn how to deal with such large amounts of geometry even if you do not have the best computer resources at your disposal. Vimeo Teaser Trailer https://vimeo.com/100064068/ ||||||||| Houdini INK FX ||||||||| https://cmivfx.com/store/603-Houdini+INK+FX
  7. Useful Pass for Particle effects

    Hi everyone! Am working right now on a shot. It's a sort of ink effect with a mix of millions of particles and wispy smoke. Am pretty PEON to particle rendering and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what are the most useful pass for particle effects. For the moment, the pass I will use are: -Beauty (constant shader) -Depth of field (grayscale) Technique based on this thread -----> http://forums.odforc... field__st__12 -Age (grayscale) -Shadows (still searching a good way to fake shadows) -RGB(3 lights) What is the best way to use this pass? Do I have to use those three channels separatly as a Mask? What are the most useful pass for particle rendering? Thanks ODFORCE.