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Found 17 results

  1. The Vancouver Houdini User group is happy to host this years Houdini Users meetup mixer at Siggraph 2018. Please come and join us and fellow artists for a beer and nibbles, at Craft Beer Market (www.craftbeermarket.ca) on Monday 13th August from 7pm. You don't need a Siggraph pass but you do need to register to attend via this handy Everbrite link. We look forward to welcoming you all to Vancouver and Siggraph with a cool beverage, some Sidefx merchandise and the chance to win 200 Grid Market credits for online render time. The event has been made possible by the support of the following sponsors: Sidefx, Zerply.com, DNEG, MPC, and GridMarkets. We look forward to seeing you there Ed Lee Social Admin Vancouver Houdini User group
  2. Hello everyone, Are you curious who our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist is? Meet Saber Jlassi, Senior Cinematic TD at Blizzard and also a great Houdini teacher! Hope you enjoy the feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  3. Hi everyone, We're excited to share our interview with Manuel Casasola Merkle as part of our ongoing GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist series! He is the cofounder and partner at Munich-based studio Aixsponza and cocreator of the popular Houdini tutorial series Entagma. Enjoy the new feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  4. Hi everyone, Are you a big fan of the Houdini Tricks website? We are - that's why we invited the man behind Houdini Tricks, motion designer and developer Erwin Santacruz, to be our featured Houdini Artist. He's not only a tireless contributor to the Houdini community, he is also a great teacher. Here, he walks us through building Python shelf tools in Houdini. We hope you enjoy his tutorial as much as we did, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  5. Hello everyone, Are you into pyro? Then you might like our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile! Alex Halstead , Senior FX Artist at Iloura, shares his workflow for digital fire effects. I hope you enjoy his thoughts on how to create spectacular and believable digital fire, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  6. Hello everyone! Our new Featured Houdini Artist is Hernan Llano, FX TD at Framestore London. Aside from being a really nice guy and a pleasure to work with, I found his career path fascinating - read our interview with him to find out why. Hernan has also graciously agreed to sharing a detailed video tutorial about using applied vectors in Houdini - I hope you enjoy his helpful tips. Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  7. Hello everyone, Our new Houdini Artist Profile is not a tutorial. Instead, CG Supervisor David Cunningham describes the skills and qualities that he feels make a good FX TD. Technical proficiency is only part of the equation - read on to find out what else matters: www.gridmarkets.com/david-cunningham And before I forget, check out David's amazing reel as well. Have a great week, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  8. Hi everyone, I love to explore the intersection between art and mathematics; that's why I am particularly happy to share this new Houdini Artist Profile with you. Heribert Raab, Senior FX TD at Image Engine Design, describes his journey through the world of fractals and presents some of his beautiful creations. We hope you enjoy the article, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  9. Hi everyone! GridMarkets' new Featured Houdini Artist is Alvaro Segura, Houdini FX Lead at MPC Los Angeles. He shares his thoughts on art, shows us how to build a simple fractal system using VEX and as a bonus, we get a glimpse into the cloud system he is currently building. We hope you enjoy this last profile for 2016 and wish you all a Happy New Year, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  10. New GridMarkets featured Houdini Artist: Ramiro AMK Fernandez from Argentina Is it possible to create an entire Universe using Houdini? Talented art director and digital artist Ramiro AMK Fernandez from Argentina shows us how it's done! You can read his Artist Profile on our website: www.gridmarkets.com/ramiro-amk-fernandez We hope you like this new feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  11. Hi all! Our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile features Alessandro Pepe, Lead FX TD at Framestore, Los Angeles. He shares a detailed and systematic tutorial on how to create cigarette smoke using Houdini: www.gridmarkets.com/alessandro-pepe.html For more information on Alessandro's work, visit his website: www.alessandropepe.com For more Houdini tips go to: http://pepefx.blogspot.com/ We hope you'll like Alessandro's amazing tutorial! Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  12. Don't miss our latest GridMarkets Houdini Artist Feature with FX TD Javier Meroño, who has set himself a challenge: how to create fluid shots without resorting to fluid sims. Find out more about his investigations here.
  13. If you couldn't come to ‪‎SIGGRAPH 2016‬, we'll make SIGGRAPH come to you! Here are two videos of Phill Mayer's presentation at the ‪‎SideFX‬ booth - watch our interview with him and follow his talk on how to achieve detailed ink in water simulations using ‪Houdini‬: www.gridmarkets.com/siggraph2016-phill-mayer Thanks for watching, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  14. Student Kaki Hudgins came to GridMarkets with an ambitious Houdini VR project - 13,500 frames, 75fps and 8.2tb cache size. We sponsored her by rendering the project in our cloud. Read more about her story and see the result of her efforts, "Cycle VR": www.gridmarkets.com/cycle-virtual-reality
  15. GridMarkets at SIGGRAPH 2016

    Hi everyone, Will you be at SIGGRAPH2016? We are excited to showcase some stunning projects rendered on the GridMarkets platform and would love to meet you. Stop by at the SideFX booth #461 on Wednesday, July 27th for Kevin Mack's fantastic and colourful presentation "Virtual Reality Art and The Future". Or listen to GeoSim's awesome talk on "Creating Real 3D Cities for Film, TV and GameDev using Houdini". If your schedule is booked for Wednesday, we also have two presentations on Tuesday, July 26th: Phill Mayer, Houdini Artist at The Mill, will talk about creating detailed ink in water simulations with Houdini, while VFX Supervisor Jeff Ranasinghe will be sharing his thoughts on dependencies and automated movie generation. Details on the exact timing of all four GridMarkets presentations can be found here: http://www.sidefx.com/news/houdini-at-siggraph-2016/ So don't forget, visit the SideFX booth and say hi, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  16. Our new GridMarkets Simulation and Render Submission tutorial is out! Our new video tutorial describes how to submit a Houdini render or simulation to GridMarkets. A sample .hip file can be found at the bottom of the following page to help you to get started: How to submit a render or simulation to GridMarkets
  17. Learning Houdini

    If you are interested in learning Houdini, you might like Gridmarkets' new artist profile featuring Australian Houdini artist Ben Watts. He produces awesome VFX tutorials, both for C4d and Houdini. Also, don't forget to check out the list of online Houdini learning recommendations at the bottom of our feature‬: http://www.gridmarkets.com/ben-watts.html Good luck on your path to mastering cool new effects! Patricia and the rest of the Gridmarkets team