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Found 8 results

  1. Ripple effect - rebounds

    Hello I am a newbie to Houdini. I trying to replicate the section from 28 - 1:08 sec of the link below, a electron duality experiment https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=JlsPC2BW_UI&feature=emb_logo I thought that the ripple solver would be the right tool for my scene and I would get a realistic a ripple sim. But that has not been the case for me ... yet as the ripple does not interact with the walls. I cannot work out how to control the ripple. I looked into ocean sim but they don't seem to be adapted to what I am looking for I am also wondering how to use the ripple info to simulate a similar particle effect that reduces to a single dot on touching the end wall. I attach what I have managed to do in the hope that someone can push me in the right direction. Thank you 200615_ELECTRON_CLOUD_01.hip
  2. Cut Copies

    Hello all, I'm attempting to make an effect like this and am getting stumped if anyone had any ideas on how to approach it would be super helpful! Thanks.
  3. Ripple

    Hi,everyone! Super Rookie! Need some help! Did my homework,but cant solve my problem. I want create a particle ripple(limited circulation), my problem is how can the particle appear with the ripple animation, scatter was the wrong choice? Uploaded my file, if anyone, please ! Ripple.hipnc
  4. I was looking at the ripple sop and wanted to add some extra noise, I found that you can't just dive inside but it is compiled vex code so I figured it can't be too hard to recreate. Well I got pretty close but for some reason I am missing the high frequency displacement the original ripple has. Attached is an example of the ripple Sop vs my pointvop I guess I'll post the whole code first and then point out where my struggle lies: #include <math.h> #pragma oplabel "Ripple" #pragma opname "ripple" #pragma opicon SOP_ripple #pragma opmininputs 1 #pragma opmaxinputs 1 #define random0(xxx) (random(xxx)*2.0 - 1.0) #pragma label usecenter "Use Center" #pragma label t "Center" #pragma label freq "Frequency" #pragma label height "Height" #pragma label decay "Wave Decay" #pragma label scale "Scale" #pragma label speed "Wave Speed" #pragma label nripples "Num. Ripples" #pragma label seed "Random Seed" #pragma label up "Up Direction" #pragma export freq all #pragma export height all #pragma export nripples all #pragma export decay dialog #pragma export scale dialog #pragma export speed dialog #pragma hint usecenter toggle #pragma hint t vector #pragma hint up vector // Direction vector #pragma disablewhen t { usecenter off } #pragma range nripples 1 10 #pragma range decay 0.01 10 #pragma bindhandle tx xform "Center" tx #pragma bindhandle ty xform "Center" ty #pragma bindhandle tz xform "Center" tz #pragma bindhandle usecenter xform "Center" onoff #pragma bindhandle height ladder "Height" parm0 #pragma bindhandle scale xform "Scale" sx #pragma bindhandle up1 vector "Up" vx invisible(1) #pragma bindhandle up2 vector "Up" vy invisible(1) #pragma bindhandle up3 vector "Up" vz invisible(1) #pragma bindselectorreserved vex_group points "Ripple Points" \ "Select the points for Ripple and press Enter to complete" \ all 0 "" 0 0 1 sop ripple(int usecenter = 0; vector t = {0, 0, 0}; float freq = 1; float height = 0.15; float decay = 0.75; float scale = 1; float speed = 3; int nripples = 3; int seed=0; vector up = {0, 1, 0}; ) { float xc, yc, phase; float dist, len; vector pos; vector origin; vector offset; int i; if (usecenter) { origin = set(scale*random0(seed), scale*random0(seed+1000), 0); offset = t - origin; } else { offset = { 0, 0, 0 }; } for (i = 0; i < nripples; i++) { xc = scale * random0(i+seed); yc = scale * random0(i+(seed+1000)); phase = M_PI * random(i - (seed+1000)); pos = set(xc, yc, 0); pos -= P; pos += offset; len = length(pos); dist = height * exp(-decay*len) * sin(len*(freq*M_PI*2) - Time*speed + phase); P += up * dist; } } I am thinking the high freq noise is coming from the phase and there seems to be a distinction between random0 and random xc and yc are being generated with random0 and phase with random. Also if you look at the code in houdini the random is colored blue (whatever that means.. I always wonder what all the colors mean but I guess that's for another post) This part of the code: xc = scale * random0(i+seed); yc = scale * random0(i+(seed+1000)); phase = M_PI * random(i - (seed+1000)); How do I translate this into VOPs is the big question for me. Thanks in advance!
  5. sci-fi shield effect

    hope this is the right place to ask some question about Houdini So, I’m creating a simple sci-fi shield looking effect with Ripple solver and I faced a problem. How do I fix that harsh edge to look like a smooth water surface? It seems ok at frame 54 but the more I play, the worse it gets ripple_shield.hipnc
  6. Hello!! Ron here from Toronto Canada. I've been a member for a little while now, so I figure its time to introduce myself and join in the fun. This video is my first post using Houdini from Side Effects Software. https://vimeo.com/201060695 I come from an after effects background, so I threw in a few extras for free. Lol. Example AE video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwfOYSZ5eTA Cheers! Software: VFX: Houdini 15.5 IMAGE: Photoshop CC 2017 AUDIO: Adobe Audition CC 2017 VIDEO: After Effects CC 2017 VFX Influences: Abstract Wire Effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vea3Mu3tsc Ripple solver http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops PROCEDURALS 03 https://vimeo.com/150124407 Music: https://soundcloud.com/urvmusic/nu-luv-sequence http://www.flare4.com https://twitter.com/flare4com https://ca.linkedin.com/in/flare4 https://www.youtube.com/user/RonenTokayer https://www.facebook.com/ron.tokayer
  7. Hi all, I've been trying to figure out how to create a linear ripple effect (i.e. rather than have a single point as the source, I'd like to source it from a line/selected edge/group of points, so that it travels across a surface like a wave.) Now, of course, at a basic level the 'waveform' SOP node performs this exact operation - *However* it can only generate a single wave at a time, and it lacks the signature 'decay' of the ripple over time. I had the idea of using the wave operation in CHOPS using a sine wave with decay on it, however any changes to the amplitude are applied across the whole waveform, rather than 'at birth'. So it doesn't create a dying wave, it just scales down the whole waveform. (see image). Any ideas on how to achieve this? (just as an FYI, eventually I'd like to control the decay length with an animatable paramater & creation/scale of the ripple from CHOPS with a trigger.) It seems like it should be super easy - Maybe I'm just having a bit of a mental block! :/ Any mind jogging greatly appreciated!
  8. Ripple Question

    Hi I have some questions about fxphd hou203 the tutorial, I try creat ripple slover in fountain. but he used houdini 11 version, I used hou 13 .Many commands are not the same I try dop import in the sop,but is error .i don;t know how do correct ripple in houdini water_3.hip