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Found 4 results

  1. Smoke Suction & Expansion Velocity

    I've almost gotten the effect I want but I'm stumped on how to take it that last 25% of the way. I've created a torus that scales up, emits smoke, then scales back down...I'm attempting to create a suction effect so as the torus scales down the smoke gets sucked into the center. After reading some other forum posts about reverse expansion I tried setting that up and it's kind of working....however the suction doesn't seem to be following the velocity caused by the scaling of the torus. I tried doing some sort of setup within a volume vop but I'm hitting a wall on how to get that velocity to be taken into consideration by my expansion. Thanks for taking a look! smoke_suction.hip
  2. Flip mesh artifacts

    Hey magicians, I'm trying to export a flip sim (I used suction fluid) but I'm getting some artifacts on the mesh, like pixelation as well as weird behaviors. Also, the mesh (its a usb model) doesnt fill completely. I already played with density, suction force, distance and some other parameters with no luck. I want to have a clean liquid filling the mesh, any advice on it? P.S: Attached is the video with different setups Thanks! USB_RD_02_Mesh_02.mov
  3. H16 suction force

    Something I`m working on right now. Rendered with Arnold in C4D.
  4. Suction Fluid Test

    fluid_tank.mov Hope u enjoy..