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od[force] challenge 2010

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od[force] challenge 2010

(Re)Create Retro Sci Fi Art

This challenge asks you to create sci fi art in the style of the mid 20th century book and magazine covers using Houdini procedural tools. Model a scene and bring it to life with fluids and other tools in Houdini.

Links for inspiration:


  • Still images and animations are allowed.
  • Participants have to provide their HIP-file to prove procedural work flow in modeling.
  • 3rd party tools for colors and surface are allowed (Photoshop, ZBrush, Mudbox, Body Paint, Topogun).
  • The winner will get his/her prize direct from Side Effects Software.
  • The license must go directly to the winner - they cannot transfer ownership or sell their license.
  • Employees of SESI are not eligible to participate in this challenge.

  • Marc Horsfield (od[force] Ninja, VFX TD)
  • Marketing Team Side Effects (Side Effects Software, Toronto)
  • Peter Bowmar (CIS Vancouver)

Deadline: 30. November 2010

The winner will be announced at the 15th of December 2010.

Entries which contain obscene content and/or copyright infringements will be disqualified.

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@Leo - you can count on it!

Already gathered my reference material, so will hopefully get a start this weekend.


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What about former employees?

I don't see anything about former employees, so you're good :).

Go go go!


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