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Cut Mesh with Curve


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Hey Renderfan,


I think it depends on what you'd like to do with it. I would do this with a Surfsect,


convert the grid to nurbs,

resample the curve and create a nurbs ribbon by sweeping the curve with a line.

Feed it into a surfsect and then convert it back to polygons.


hope it helps 

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Thank you, I did try this but it only works with quads. My geometry is not clean because I have triangles, quads and n-gons (picture in my first post is only example). It works good for simple plane but not for more complex geometry.



Thank you for tip. I allways forget orbolt. I think the asset is locked and if I want change something it is not possible. And I like to learn from it how something like cut with curve can work :)


All tips are welcome.

Thank you again.

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hi petz ,


your files ( and those of some other members ) are abolutely helpful not only about the topic you post those .


ill use this occasion to write a sincere ' Thank You ! '





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Hi Petz, 

I'm having some issue trying to see what you did in your polysplit node;
yous eem to execute this:


geo = hou.pwd().node("../null3").geometry().freeze()
points = geo.points()
attrib = geo.findPointAttrib("split_loc")
return " ".join([point.attribValue(attrib) for point in points])

however when I try to recreate this, I get errors even when switching the sop to python.
even on say an attribcreate it seems to not work.... how do you force this string to be executed?
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@ Mantagora 


I did that... still does not seem to work,
even if I enter like this:
geo = hou.pwd().node("../null3").geometry().freeze();points = geo.points();attrib = geo.findPointAttrib("split_loc");return " ".join([point.attribValue(attrib) for point in points]);

error I get is an error occurred when processing "ge"
I really hope someone can explain this cause I really want this to work as this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

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Guest mantragora

Ok, I got the error. Don't paste it into this field. RMB on it and pick Expression => Edit String (or Alt + E) and then paste/write your code :D

1. Switch to Python

2. Set keyframe

3. Alt + E

4. Paste/Write code

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More good stuff from petz, awesome! Thanks man ;)


I was recently also working on a tool to cut polygons with curves and I actually got quite far using the XYZDist node in vop sops. The hardest part I find is solving the boundaries when a curve doesn't go beyond the polygon edges, but I'm enjoying the challenge. The easy way is to just draw a line to the nearest point and use that to end the cut, but I'm trying to make it so it extends the curve with a straight line in the same direction as the last segment of the curve (similar to the asset on Orbolt) within vop (so no dirty foreach loops with clip nodes and such).

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