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Cut Mesh with Curve


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16 hours ago, Noobini said:

how about 5 nodes and no VEX

Hi vusta. Well, this is surely easy to setup, but not exactly light-weight.

I was thinking more of something distance-based, that is just capable of cutting straight gaps through polygons. Like polycut, but able to cut through polygons twice if needed. But maybe that's it then..



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On 11/11/2021 at 2:06 PM, papsphilip said:

This seems to work for me! without gaps though


Yes, polysplit sometimes is smarter than polycut (i don't like much using boolean as it change the topology, , for simple case off course it's okay) 

I have only gave a quick try, but you will  have an issue to solve to be able correctly fuse and assign the piece. You could see here, when starting with a subdivided grid..  I tried to fuse the part using a group created from the non split grid, or facet only the point from the edge split , but the piece are still not isolated correctly... @papsphilip @konstantin magnus




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