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Brick/Stone Wall - Broken Horizontals


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Brick/Stone Wall - Broken Horizontals


here a fun(?) little problem...

given the following reference





how would one go about building a wall like this - a brick/stone wall is VERY easy...but a wall with what I'm calling 'broken horizontals' is much more difficult...


if/when I have some time I'll see what I can do and post my results...if anyone has some good suggestions :)


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a series of divides - no convex, bricker polys with random values gets part of the way...


anyone know why a group SOP (by expression -> rand($PR) in a foreach would only work once?

Maybe it's just returning the same random number each iteration? Try something like rand(($PR*stamp("../../foreach1", FORVALUE, 0)))

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Thanks, guys


It is all done with standard Voronoi.  The only difference is how you treat the second input (cells).  Some people just chug a point cloud and get a cell per point.  A more sophisticated solution is to turn  Voronoi SOP's clustering with "Add Cluster Noise", but that gives you... a noisy pattern which is ok for generic break-ups, but is hard to control.  What you do want is to control the cluster shapes.  Say, you've got a point cloud and it is is clustered, i.e. every point has attribute "cluster", type integer. For a Voronoi SOP, set "Cluster Pieces" on and feed your point cloud to Voronoi SOP.  


As for "teris" or lego-like look is due to a regular point-cloud (i.e. grid-like) with an addition of a few extra scattered points. It's a lot of fun to play with Voronoi in order to achieve various shapes.  The notorious "Voronoi-look" is not the fault of the algorithm, but of the input ;)




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Those are really nice results. I've played with more regular seed point distribution before, but haven't combined them with clustering yet.


Now figure out a way to add space between each 'brick' so you can add concrete to the wall :).

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well if it isn't little Matty Estella...


:) nice results....


I haven't had time to get back to this in a while but there are some very cool ideas here, thanks...


I really want to break open Substance Designer and figure out how it's tile generator works...

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Really cool technique! Not that I ever play around much with Voronoi, but never knew this functionality existed.


This is Vlad's setup fed into a ForEach based on the name attribute, generate a random noise seed inside with `stamps("../", FORIDXVALUE, 0)`, subdivide each piece, then use that seed to add a little Unified Noise variation to @P.y.


VDB -> Poly after just to surface it nicer.


I feel like you could mess around for a month with this general idea and keep coming up with new stuff.





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