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[SOLVED]Pop Advect By Volume Has No Effect?

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Hello All,


I am continuing to try to find a way to make particles move smoke, or any volume.


I came across the popadvectbyvolume node and thought that would do the trick. Even though I have linked the velocity source to the pyro sim I still get no apparent linked action between the particles and the smoke.


To me this seems backwards. I want to move smoke with particles but pop advect by volumes seems to indicate the opposite. That velocities inside the volume would move the particles.


Do I have my terms crossed?


Is there another node I should use to transfer particle velocity into a volume?


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Hi Atom,


looking at your hip, there's two things to consider:


1 - in the popadvectbyvolume you are pointing to a DOP but your velocity source is set to SOP, if you point it to /obj/pyro_import/import_pyrofields it should works.

2 - actually the volume advect the points, that is what is meant to do 


If you want to advect volume from particles you should create source volume from the particles and use it as source for the vel for your pyro sim.


I hope this helps!


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@Nico, that is a nice idea. But how do I get high-quality renders out of such an approach?

Is the only solution to make my Division Size very small?


The particles do seem to drive the combustion shape but there is a lot of slack. Is there anyway to "tighten" the response so where the particle resides there is a smoke or flame element too?



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I think I am starting to see how this works. In the previous example the Fuel source was simply that big sphere. So every frame the pyro solver could pull Fuel data from that area. But in this example I have replaced the big sphere with tiny spheres that are copied onto the particle locations. This way the Fuel only exists when the particles exists. Now I can use forces to push particles around and the Fuel will follow. By controlling the gas released and the burn rate you can tighten up the tracking between the particles and the combustion result.


For even closer particle to field tracking try increasing Max Substeps to 2 on the pyrosolver.


High resolution is still a concern.



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