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Randomly choose between multiple source geos for copyTo


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Not sure how to do this but I need to randomly choose between multiple source objects in a copyTo point SOP.

Imagine a Sphere with Scattered points on the surface.

Now using a copyTo SOP imagine having to copy not just 1 object to these points, but randomly choose between multiple.

ie For 3 objects instead of copying just a green colored grid, randomly choose either a red, green or blur grid for the copyTo operation.

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Thanks Atom. Just getting comfortable with copy stamp, now I understand its been deprecated in favor of For Each loops?  At least according to Jeff in the recent H16 new geometry workflow webinar. Not intuitive!

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Stamping is fine for a few thousand points. After that you may see some lag on an animated multi-stamp geometry generator. But hey, you can always cache that stuff out and regain your speed.

I would like to see the above example file implemented in a loop. I'm not quite sure how to do that.

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didn't Jeff provide craploads of sample files to go with the webinar video ?

here's one I whipped up...and yes other might have seen this in various forms already...because I'm forcing myself to do this repeatedly so it sinks is...


(if you check my Opus Grid file...there's random rotate thrown in)

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Thanks for the alternate example. It makes sense to me, the loop iteration index takes the place of @ptnum as a unique value for the random seed. I guess I don't understand what the outer compile loop is used for?


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