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VEX expressions and wrangle nodes. Where to start ?


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I have decided to study more Houdini.
As i want to expand my knowledge regarding Houdini and not limit myself only with shelf tools.
VEX expressions what tutorials or educational materials would you recomend and in what order?
Note (need only up to date tutorials as out of date tutorials where they use nodes that are obsolite etc will not help but only create more confusion).
Also what tutorials to go over regarding wrangle nodes.
Best regards

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Sidefx site has lots of tutorial (free and paid), just visit https://sidefx.com/tutorials/ and "vex" as keyword and you will find lots of hits...

one hit that I think for beginner is (just googled vex webinar). Don't worry too much about old houdini versions, I "think" vex code is not changing much (maybe adding more functions, but I think it's mostly backward compatible)


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But it is helpful to keep in mind that 10 nodes in a vop can sometimes be replaced by one line of code. I just followed a Jeff Wagner flip fluid webinar where he combines some vop operators in a dop node and even if it is not very complicated, the network grows fast and most of the time you are moving the viewport to check where all the connections go. So with two lines of code I was able to do the same thing what results in a very much better overview and less nodes.

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Yes but i know myself i need to start from something more visual. I am no coder and programming languages i do not know.
I was in university course for one week (Java) and all i did understand meani9ng of variebles ans some simle stuff but nothing else.
At end of the course they were allready creating game i was liike möh what does this button does :D

I do not understand often stuff if is written but if i see what it does and i can easily change it (aka pluging node to somwhere else) i thi nk i learn better

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I am again gonna refer to Matt  (@mestela) brilliant site:  http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex

Here you can download his example files in both sops (most of the examples), Vops and Vex. Alll same results but different ways to do it.

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