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Jesper Rahlff

convert curve to edge selection

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Good evening to the best forum in the world.

got a little problem I need an extra pair of eyes on.. 

I have some geo I would like to lay out UVs for.

I have used the shortestpath node to create curves of where I would like my seems to be created.


now my question is, how do I proceed? I am not really familiar with the uv tools in houdini.
I think I would want to convert my curves into edge selections on my mesh (which I am not sure how to do), and then from there use somekind of uv node specifying my edge selection groups as seems to flatten it out.


any ideas?



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what about this ? I know it looks s**thouse...but that's because my experience level belongs in the scheissenhausen...hopefully the gist is there ?

(otherwise just Luiz Kruel to help, there should be a video on auto UV using shortestpath...and tool !!!)


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Check out the Game Development Toolset from guys at Side FX (Luiz, Mike , Paul, etc) Have done an incredible job. They have a few good UV tools make it easier to work with. Highly recommend to download. Also there is a tool that just does what you are looking for I believe.



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