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Procedural Oval curve

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So I am trying to create an oval shape like the image below..I created the general shape but now I just need to smooth the curve properly..Not sure how this is done in Houdini. 

The way I modeled out the oval is probably not the cleanest way as well. I created a circle and transformed the end points on the x axis to create the elongated effect. If anyone has any thoughts on how I can do this procedurally, that would be amazing. 

I feel like this shouldn't be as hard as I am making it seem.

I will attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. 

Thank you.



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Wow, both brilliant methods. Thank you guys. 

I have lots to learn Aizatulin, your file is waay above me at the moment haha. Fantastic file to learn from.

Appreciate the help!


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