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[movie Tutorial] Maya To Houdini


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Hi mxr,

That's a very nice tutorial you have there. Not to mention the fault_Cam Houdini Digital Asset (HDA) you've packaged up.

Just a few suggestions to improve the HDA:

For the camera section:

a. Add a Shutter Speed parameter which is important when rendering with motion blur.

b. Add a Motion Blur menu parameter.

c. Add Near/Far parameters

Maybe a button to toggle the Backplane on or off? You can use the following to do this:

viewbackground -b on *world*
viewbackground -b off *world*

For the CHOPs section:

d. Allow users to specify FPS

f. Allow users to turn Export On or Off

On this note, the rename_channel CHOP has the Audio flag turned on which is not necessary.

The Template section:

g. Allow users to turn Display On or Off in case the geometry is really heavy.

Please keep posting more tutorials! :) Thanks!



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