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3 hours ago, srletak said:

Thanx Luca for free Stuff...:wub:


15 minutes ago, flcc said:

Looking at the presentation I will definitively give a try to your tools.
Thank you to share this.

Thanks guys:) There have been quite a few improvements since the HUG Munich Presentation. Be sure to get the latest version (see the github repository for the latest updates, just fixed a bug in the force field a couple of minutes ago ;) )

Let me know if you have any questions / problems, documentation is currently wip, should be coming soon :)

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Hey guys,

just a quick update on the tools:

  • All Houdini Assets now have complete Houdini native documentation available.
  • LYNX_fabric has a new LYNX_fabric_color node to control the color/Alpha/width attributes in a layered based fashion. LYNX_fabric_resample (LYNX_fabric_thread uses this heavily) is up to 5 times faster & LYNX_fabric_weave up to 2 times :) 
  • Full install instructions are now available on GitHub . The download is now also only via Github and not via my website anymore.
  • Various bug fixes & performance improvements on LYNX_force_general, LYNX_fabric, LYNX_velocity.
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Hi everyone,

The official v1.0 Release is now online! Available to download for free here: https://github.com/LucaScheller/VFX-LYNX

Main features and improvements since the initial release are:

- All Houdini Assets now have complete Houdini native documentation available.
- Demo Files from the demos and tutorial videos are also on GitHub to get your started quickly
- Bug fixes, performance improvements and improved UX


  • Pin the transform to any polygon geometry or slide it along a curve.
  • New gradient force let's your sim flow along the gradient of your geometry.
  • Noise now supports all noise types, curl noise sdf influence and "noise as strength".
  • "Hide on Playback" support for guides
  • Full support for curves with helpful visualizers.


  • LYNX_fabric_color let’s you tweak your Cd/Alpha/width attributes in a layered based fashion
  • Support for custom normals and the scale attribute across all nodes.
  • Improved performance and UX experience with useful presets.


  • You can now set the attribute to manipulate to be a custom one
  • Visualizers are now handled by the .hda to handle custom attribute support

Full release logs are available on GitHub and on my website

Enjoy! Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Here are the updates covered in two videos:



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Hi guys,

just another update on the tools:


  • Introducing the LYNX shelf, a collection of helpful presets and tools to support the LYNX toolset.


  • LYNX_fabric_configure shelf tool script let's you create weave setups with a single click
  • A new example file for LYNX_fabric let's you bake patterns to tileable textures
  • New patterns for LYNX_fabric_pattern
  • UX improvements


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Hey everyone,

for all the German speaking peeps out there:

LYNX Tools are featured in 2020/01 issue of the “Digital Production” magazine. The article covers the basics on getting you started as well diving into advanced use cases and tips & tricks. I also had the honor of supplying the official cover. The scene was setup using only the LYNX fabric tools in Houdini and rendered in Mantra. The scene file is available for free in the GitHub Repository. So now anyone can design an ugly Christmas Sweater;) Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, enjoy!


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Update: LYNX tools are now easier to install via the new LYNX Update Manager, available on all platforms. See the updated GitHub (https://github.com/LucaScheller/VFX-LYNX) installation instructions for more information.



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