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Perfectly sharp ridge


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Hello, I'm trying to figure out how these guys were able to create this perfectly sharp ridge that animates along a grid:

I've thought about using NURBS curves. While that would give me a ridge, it would still leave an opening at the ends. I tried using a curve on a grid and defined a falloff based on those points. It gives me the correct ridge shape, but the top is super jagged.

Any thoughts?

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You will get more resolution while maintaining good render performance by using displacement shaders.

  • Animate the font curves with carve, eg. set to $FF / $FEND to animate it over the whole duration.
  • Apply the slope towards the curves inside a shader based on xyzdist.



Edited by konstantin magnus
Added 'Re-Dice Displacements' in the render properties to increase quality.
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its referring to the mat/ridge network:

1) the transform is there to make sure P is in world space. In this case P refers to the sample position.

2) xyzdist takes a position vector and a geometry (it fetches op:/obj/curves/OUT in this case). It will calculate the surface point on that geometry closest to the given position and returns the distance between those positions, the prim number and its uv coords.

3) that float disctance attribute gets remapped 0.0-maxDist -> 0.0-1.0 so the values are more convenient to pass on into a ramp.

4) the ramp allows you to nonlinearly remap the dist value for better control over the slope / profile shape.

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On 11/30/2020 at 5:48 PM, Atom said:

When I render the scene, all I get is the ground plane. I notice Mantra complains about not being able to find the font geometry.

exactly, I am getting the same results, is there any way to convert this material into redshift material and get the same results? 

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