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Holed tunnel (shape substract?)

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Hi guys, 

I have been wraping my head around trying to figure how to create shapes like this.


My first thought was using vdb and subtracting for example a torus but i couldnt get there. 

I also tried some voronoi inside wires with different width. 


Lastly i made a circle spline in a solver and transform in + rotate and then skin the mesh but result isnt there.

Any insight to achieve these forms? 

Tagging the máster @f1480187


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All you really need is a pleasing shape, good UVs and a tilable texture map.

Here are some free texture planks applied to the Cave generator.




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On 6/7/2019 at 1:32 PM, srletak said:

Don't think too much ....:P

implicit surface

iso surface formula--- than clip it...You have 1milion formulas for that


Damn @srletak I knew I was drowning in a glass of water, just did some search on this, looks perfect, thanks!

Hey @Atom thanks for the help (once more), that cave thread is a beauty, im reading all the info there now, your example looks great!, thank you!


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