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force fighting with rbd bricks


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Hi guys,

i am looking for a solution, that same bricks are fighting on some area because they cant reach their target pos or their target rotation. They try to reach the target pos and rotation but they are preventing each other.

Are there any Ideas on how i could fix this without loosing collision?

Feb-18-2022 11-46-19.gif

Feb-17-2022 19-01-51.gif

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@Librarian first things first i destroyed the wall by a rbd sim. After that i created a pointcloud wich is transferring its "active" attribute to the wall. Than I created some forces in the reassemble dopnet. Im controlling the forces by ramps wich are connected to the distance of startpos to targetpos. Thats my setup.

my reference is: 


destroy rbd sim.png


sim setup.png

reassemble dop.png

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it might not help. but it doesn't cost much. have you try to take your whole scene and apply a scale x10 on the whole scene, then resim and see if it gives better behavior. i don't have any proof of that, but i find that bullet gives far more stable result at x10. 

in your ref i think they just break the damn scene and just invert the cache with some clever retiming. your setup is harder and behave already very well imo, i would just fix the damn thing in SOP as a post process. 

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