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Houdini FFX Collection

Get it here:

Gumroad: https://davidtorno.gumroad.com/l/ffxcollection

Orbolt: https://bit.ly/ffxcollection

FFX Collection is a collection of scene builds and techniques for the intermediate users of Houdini. Those looking for quick setups, wanting to get more familiar with VEX use cases, and wanting to get started in Karma and Material X.

This collection of “presets” as it were showcases a variety of topics within Houdini. Builds include FLIP, RBD, Vellum, POP, Pyro Solver, SOPs, LOPs, TOPs, Karma, and Material X.

All renders use 100% fully procedurally generated textures created with Material X noises. The only exceptions are the test geometry textures which are directly read from their HDA embeded jpg textures.

The HDA is a simple drop down list of all fifty builds, of which you choose the one you want and click “Build It” to have the tool generate the entire build for you. By default there is Network box organization to help understand the flow and processes that are occuring. Additionally there are annotated tips, and helpful explainer sticky notes to help inform an techniques used. These annotations are also optional and can be turned off before building the network.

For those wanting to dive straight into everything there is to offer, there is a “Build All” button to create all 50 builds. This option will have each build turned off by default, so as to not overload your machine with too many items trying to cook.

All builds involve various techniques and useful information. Each “category” is defined by the primary method used for the solution used. Be that by SOP nodes directly, VEX code, VOPs network, or even by simulation type like Vellum, Flip, RBD, or Pyro. Vellum does have a few builds under the VEX category as well.


Builds include:

  • FLIP Attraction To Curve Shape
  • FLIP Fill Solid Object
  • FLIP Melt Object
  • FLIP Object Surface Advoidance
  • ForEach Incriment Point Count Per Curve
  • ForEach Poly Reduce Pieces By Volume Attrib
  • ForEach Stacking Random Cubes
  • PyroSolver Geometry Ripples
  • PyroSolver Pyro Color Change Over Time
  • PyroSolver Pyro Color From Texture
  • RBD Activate Pieces
  • RBD Apply Proxy Sim To HiRes Source
  • RBD Attraction To Curve Shape
  • RBD SOP Emit Every X Frames
  • RBD V W Constrained Axis
  • SOPs 8Bit
  • SOPs Cull Random Curve Segments
  • SOPs Dissolve Curve
  • SOPs Dissolve Geo
  • SOPs Echo Curve
  • SOPs Post Shrink RBD Pieces Over Time
  • SOPs Stone Path
  • Vellum Animate Restscale Via Attrib
  • Vellum Basic Fluid Cloth Two Way Coupling
  • Vellum Cloth Flows Along Curve
  • Vellum Define Cloth Ripping
  • Vellum Flag In Wind
  • Vellum Inject Geo Over Time
  • Vellum Paper Whirlwind
  • Vellum Spheres Expanding In Box
  • VEX Blend Mask
  • VEX Cull Back Faces
  • VEX Custom Guides For Vellum Hairs
  • VEX Falloff Radius Around Curve
  • VEX Geo Look At Target
  • VEX Geometry Ripples
  • VEX Guided Infection
  • VEX Per Poly Transform Via Particle Proximity
  • VEX Per Prim Rotation Around Edge
  • VEX Repeat Ramp Values
  • VEX Ring Waves With Falloff
  • VEX Rotating Grid Tiles
  • VEX Sin Cos
  • VEX Sliding Points Along Curve
  • VEX Vellum Dangling Cables
  • VEX Vellum Sim Forces From SOPs
  • VEX Vellum Source Emission Instancing
  • VEX Voronoi Fracture Animated
  • VOP Blend Mask
  • VOP Orientation Along Curve


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FFX Collection 2.0 NOW RELEASED!

The Commercial FX downgrade issue is resolved!

If you are experiencing that issue, please contact me and I will get you the new file.

Gumroad is also now a purchase option!

The 2.0 update has also been submitted to Orbolt. Orbolt has a review process, which can take an undetermined amount of time. I've seen 24hrs, and I've seen a week, so it may take awhile before you see the new file.

For new purchases I recommend using Gumroad link.

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