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Lava question

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Hi magicians,

I've been obsessed with Lava since I came from my trip to Hawaii. Been doing some R&D in Houdini for the last 3 weeks but I can't get closer to a video I saw and I'm getting crazy.
https://vimeo.com/293242455 on second 0:18 you can see how it expands while creating some noise on the cold part, like a spiderweb being ripped by the heat lava.
I read some comments that he uses pressure field, I tried using that to drive divergence for expansion or temperature but isn't working as expected.
Any ideas on how to get that? 
Been playing mosly with noises to drive temperature / viscosity as well as some microsolvers like gastemperature field, also tried having 2 emitters, one cold in the top and hotter in the bottom to drive the magma.


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I know this only visually related, but maybe it can still help?

Membrane tearing - OdForce

And I was also reminded of this, though I have no idea how one might combine it with FLIP..

Entagma - Quick Sand

But most likely it is just the emergent patterns that arise from setting up the sim with true to life properties - the interplay of the outside cooling down with the hot inside expanding and linking it to viscosity - therefore imitating nature?
I would love to be able to create this <3

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