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marc: model: sci-fi elf pilot


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sigh..... I've tried making it bigger, smaller and everywhere in between. Theres definitely something else wrong and I just can't pinpoint it.

I'm moving on though, time's a wastin'. I'm starting on the boots now and I'll do her pants next. Perhaps having something else to focus on for a while will give me some perspective..

Thanks all


:edit: changed avatar to show what I feel like doing at this point :)

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I think you should withhold comment until you know what I'm up to ;)... She'll look good, I promise.

....er..... well, I hope so anyway......


To be more specific, I decided to go with a sci-fi theme as opposed to a fantasy one. And as we all know,sci-fi requires big boots.. :D

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I was looking for reference for space boots...

I don't know why but most 'space boots' I see people making look like snow boots link- from a functional point of view, why do 'space boots' look like they do? I like the look of yours - but not sure why they would be soft/rounded like they are...and why the sole like it is....

the boots that we're most familiar with are the ones that astronauts wear - but these are designed for protection (radiation/heat/cold/pressure etc)...would your elf pilot need/use boots like this?

I guess I usually think that in cases like this form should follow function - and most of the time that isn't the case with 3D stuff I see...or make LOL

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Well, to tell you the honest truth. If I was following the theme of what I intend my final image to look like, then she would be wearing high heeled space boots. But since I can't bring myself to do that, then these were a stylish middle of the road option.

I also looked high and low for reference on all kinds of boots. And theres not many nice ones to be found, let me tell you. These may change as the rest of the scene gets added, but for now they shall remain as they are :).

If you're now asking yourself what kind of theme would require high heeled boots, well let me explain my train of thought.

I was originally going to do some dirty worn out post apocolyptic type scene where she would be this tough but beautiful elven woman who either rode around in some sort of tracked vehicle or a mech of sorts. Then I realised that all my sci-fi stuff starts out with the same basic premise. And I think its like that because I've never successfully completed a post apocolyptic character :), even though I reallly want to (I'm a big fan of mad max ;)).

Realising this though, I decided to change my focus a bit. So now she's going to be wearing some sort of space suit (full jumpsuit style) with boots. The top of her suit will be around her waist and she'll be wearing a bikini top and carrying a towel and other beach accessories. It will be a bright sunny day with her 50's/tintin style spaceship in the background and a beautiful beach in the foreground.

I'm hoping to get a kinda 50's pinup feeling to it. So I guess its not truly important whether or not the things are functional, since they're just there to make her look good :D

Anyhoo, let me know what you think. Any crits on this are welcome as always.

l8r g8r's


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hey, nice. Thanks for the link. Thats actually pretty close to what I was thinking of, nice to have some more reference :)

I've gathered a few of vargas' and gil elvgrens work. It would be kinda fun to see if I can get a mid century commercial feel to it (anyone remember the old coke ads?)


edit: actually, now that I think of it. It might be nice to render it in that kind of oversaturated painterly feel... difficult, but cool :)

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