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(It's not yet clear to me where I will post what, but this seems fit to archive here)

Texture Bombing





For contrast, regular wrap:



This is a straightforward implementation of Inigo Quilez’s texture bombing shader. It’s a vop node, so you can easily use it as a building block in a material.





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Some time ago, I managed to achieve this texture bombing thing with point clouds and slightly rewired uvtriplanar VOP, so you can instance your texture onto points in the point cloud and the projection will be correctly oriented against the normal (depends how far uv triplanar can push it - it's not great but may be fine in many cases). and it doesn't need uvs. I'm pretty sure there is much more elegant way how to do this, but anyway, check the hip file if you care. 

above implementation looks nice. the code is a bit over my head but maybe I will be able to steal some nice ideas, thanks :)



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Yeah I suppose my setup above isn't really "texture bombing" in a strict sense, more "broken-up repetition" or "randomized wrapmode" or "aperiodic repeat".

"Texture bombing" is more immediately understandable, though :)


Solitude has a more fully featured proper texture bombing setup at http://fx-td.com/?page_id=544

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this shader for proper bombing looks great! exactly what i was trying to do but haven't pushed it that far yet :) unfortunately it seems hip files there are crippled so I can't open it. bummer... .-/ helpful anyway.

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On 28/9/2011 at 7:35 AM, eetu said:

An adventure into generative art.

I ran into Multi-Scale Turing Patterns, and thought it would be fun to try and do that for volumes.

It was satisfying to be able to do it with volume SOPs and VOPs without needing to write any code :)


Viewport flipbooks [mov] [mov]

Renders [mov] [mov]

I also tried putting a point light inside the volume and rendering with scattering, and got this nice happy accident:


Most of the scatter tests looked like crap, but I hope I'll get a cool animation rendered soon.

Hey eetu, first of all thanks for this amazing thread and sharing your knowledge, I'm thrilled by this stuff you made, I readed the site you posted but I get kinda lost, can you share some tips on how to create this kind of stuff? I'm a designer and started using houdini to do abstracts like these, right now I'm learning mantra but never played with volumes yet. Best part is that you said you didnt used vex, wich scares me as hell.

Keep it up!


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On 28/2/2017 at 5:41 AM, eetu said:

I thought I had lost the hip file for the Multi-scale Turing Patterns, but finally I found it.

It was using the old proto_install Feedback SOP so I converted that to using Solver SOP.




You made my day man! will analize this scene now, thanks a lot for sharing, love this result

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Yeah the bit rot had gotten quite bad. Some of the oldest images seem to have gone the way of the Dodo, but most of the missing images/videos I was able to find and re-link.

And yeah, should post more. :) Thanks!

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