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Ncca thesis on fluids and custom fields in Houdini


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I want to share my thesis on Houdini fluids as it might be an interesting read for people that want to get a better understanding about what is going on under the hood.

The thesis is about "Controlling fluid simulations with custom fields in Houdini".

You can find the thesis, some tools and hip files, a movie and some images here:


Some of the other 2009 MSc projects that were created by students at the NCCA in Bournemouth can be found here (some of them use Houdini, but not all):


At some point in the future I hope to make some video tutorials explaining some of the above step by step and going from beginner level to more advanced.

kind regards,

Peter Claes

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Thanks for the appreciation. I hope it helps to give a better understanding.

I've posted this on a few places and hope it will result in more people converting to Houdini and more people using Houdini fluids. As I personally think it is a very powerful area that could do with more cool examples and people using it in unconventional ways (and hopefully also sharing the results with the community).

This thesis was inspired by some of the posts, discussions, ideas, example files posted here on odforce. So a thank you does go to the odforce community. I just brought a lot of ideas and information of different places together and tried to get a few examples going so people would see how some of these ideas could be implemented in Houdini.

Have fun with it and definitely post some results if you create something cool with custom fields or Houdini fluids in general!

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