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Inspired by Arkadiusz Rekita's classic plants, here is my first attempt at Lsystems.

Controlling the LSystem results is quite hard but I managed to get a grip on branching through node rewriting and growth shape by using a basic growth function that controls length of segments and angles of branches.

Any ecosystem procedurals haven't been implemented except for a supersimple seeding system (delete seeds if they are too near to each other)

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I will be posting a hires render in due course. (I haven't access to my HD version right now).

Care to share some of the concepts!!


As I said, the main problem is plant design. Getting a basic LSystem plant isn't too hard but having control over its look is really challenging. Overall twisting and bending can comfortably be done with standard SOPs but controlling growth is pretty tricky. In this first example I used a growth variable created during each production and modified each step. I then used this variable to change internodal length and branching angle. I also attached geometry (including another LSystem for easy inflorescence creation). The rest is copy-stamping.

Things to do would be implementing signal propagation and better branching patterns. But I'm not nearly through enough of the "Beauty Of Plants" to understand it yet.

Leaf design is also important. In fact that is where I am really stuck. I have no idea (yet) how Arkadiusz Rekita went about that, in particular how he controlled the gradual change in leaf shapes. Some plants look like they have another Lsystem stuck on it but the rest...

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A plant design I did today. Different seed values give consistent and reasonable results. Sometimes the leaves are upside down though and the fruiting bodies intersect. Sometimes a leaf appears on the apex. I think I can control it with a condition but it still appears occasionally. post-4013-125413118328_thumb.jpg




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And the thing animated. The twigs jump a bit. I think that is because the internodes for each branch decrease in length. A better way would be to decrease length globally for the whole plant, or at least the main stem.

The big leaves at the bottom jump too. I'm not sure why but it may be because of a condition in the rule. Maybe I can get rid of that.

The whole plant sways a bit. That's because of a random value. A better way would be a noise function.


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Todays plant design employs development control with which I can generate various types of racemes by propagating a signal through the plant.

The smaller plants in this example have a development switch that transforms the vegetative apex into a flowering one according to a rule (leaf counting in this example) and terminates growth at that point.

The larger plant creates a more complex open compound inflorescence (no terminal flower)

Attached are 2 images and an animation.




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