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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm using Houdini 16 and I'm trying to parent a tube to the inside of the mouth of a dragon character that is animated. My goal is for the dragon to breath fire and I want to use the tube as an emission source object. I've parented the dragon and tube together but I need the tube locked onto the dragon's mouth. At the moment when the dragon moves it head, the tube isn't animated with it. I need the tube to inherit the animation of the dragon's mouth. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to achieve this? I'm guessing I need to constrain the tube to a section of the mouth? Thanks in advance, Chris (AUS)
  2. Parent to dynamic object

    I cant parent an object to one that's already been simulated, where do i parent what? Got a dynamic object flipping around, want to have a sphere inside it acting as an emitter for pyro. Dont want pyro on the flipping object, but on one inside it following the animation.
  3. I'm new to Houdini pipeline and I'm starting to port a Maya pipeline tool over to Houdini. Everything is working great but the tooltip windows aren't appearing in the right positions. I've used Paul Winex's MSE and hqt as a reference to see how Houdini is working with windows, if there are any other learning resources out there let me know! 1) The popups are supposed to lock onto the edge of the panel, but it looks like they're offsetting from the left edge of my center monitor (in a 3 monitor setup). No matter where I move the main Houdini window, the popups still appear in the same spots. 2) There's only 1 UI element that creates a popup correctly, but it gets hidden behind Houdini's main viewport. Tearing off my tool's panel doesn't resolve any of these problems. I'm getting the parent window in Houdini like so: class Build( QtGui.QWidget ): '''Main functions to build UI.''' def __init__(self, parent = hou.ui.mainQtWindow()): super( Build, self ).__init__( parent ) My tool works fine when getting the parent window in Maya like so: ptr = mui.MQtUtil.mainWindow() class Build( QtGui.QWidget ): '''Main functions to build UI.''' def __init__(self, parent = wrapInstance( long( ptr ), QtGui.QWidget ) ): super( Build, self ).__init__( parent ) Example for problem 1): Example for problem 2):
  4. Hi, Does anybody know how to submit a "A Simple Parent-Child Example" : http://www.sidefx.co...ationships.html Or how to submit a dependency chain out of Houdini. Like, Simulation --> Meshing --> Rendering. It's simple in Houdini on one machine but how to take it over to Hqueue? Cheers, nap