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Found 10 results

  1. Polyextrude angle problems

    Noob question! I am trying to extrude using polyextrude tool but the extrud ed plane is angled. I do not want the angle. I want it to go straight. Individual components work but don't get the same length. What do I do?
  2. hi just learn houdini particle. i am a beginner in this project i use particles points then use copy to points node , boxs to make up model. like this picture however the problem is i find some box jitter very unacceptable so i Calculate the points distance between previous frame in solver node if the distance less than 0.05,then the point do not move this way make the points jitter less however i need calculate the angle distance between previous frame also but i do not know how to calculate the rotation difference let`s say ,if the rotation difference less then 0.1,then the point do not rotate. bellow is the project file point_jitter.hip thanks for your help
  3. trying to solve equation but cant get right result is there any way to get angle if I already know sin(alpha)? in highscool we used tables to get that, but how to do that in code? @a = degrees(asin(sin(20))); shouldnt I get 20 degrees back? why @a = 65,91 ? Thanks
  4. I apologize if the answer to this is somewhere obvious--through Googling I've found some of people asking this over the last 15 years, but no answers that work. I have a model that I need to crease before subdividing. Manually selecting the edges is impractical--too many round buttons with flat tops. How can I automatically select/group just the edges joining faces with right-ish angles? I've tried the "include by edges" and setting min and max edge angles, but that doesn't appear to do anything unless you chose "Edge Angle Uses Angle Between Edges," in which case it selects pretty much everything. Thanks!
  5. In Vex, I'm trying to find a signed angle between two vectors i.e. an angle which treats one vector as a "base" and the other as a rotating "clock hand", so that I get positive angle for a concave angle between the two (0-180 deg) and a negative angle for a convex angle between the two (180-360 deg). The dot product on normalized vectors gives me the angle, but it's symmetric. Is there a trick that gets me the sign?
  6. Hi So I have two vectors, one is the y vector (0,1,0) and the other is an arbitrary vector called @aim, given those two I want to find the angle between those two vectors. Now this should be pretty straight forward, just use acos(dot(@aim,@up)) wich gives the angle in radiants, and converted to degrees would be a value from 0 to 180, but what If I want to find when the angle is positive and when its negative (not just the difference)? For this I found this thread on the sidefx forums: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/41091/?page=1#post-184272 And this Is what I have so far (look at the screenshot). The "problem" here is that if I set the arbitrary vector to be (0,0,-1) for example, I get a negative 90 degree angle, so I guess there is a specific direction wich the last piece of code "looks for"... This all comes down to know when the angle is greater than 180, but the original angle formula, as already said goes from 0-180. There is something wrong with my code or the bheavior is normal? If so how can I get the angle ranging from 0 to 360 degress? (I have to know when its greater than 180) Thanks
  7. XPopMenu for Houdini

    Hello, I'm happy to share with you the script plugin XPopMenu ! Initially developed on Softimage by Reinhard Claus, XPopMenu is a popup menu that you can associate to a hotkey to get under the hand a quick and easy customizable set of tools. you can layout your menu using simple method like "addItem", "addTitleItem", "addSeparator" and "addSubMenu" If you want you can add icon for each action item (icons collection come from axialis.com with some custom from Reinhard Claus) As concrete example, I've joined two bonus tools : one to get distance and an other to get angle. Quick demo : I Hope you like it ! Cheers XPopMenu.zip
  8. Hi, How to find rotation angles between two vectors? Lets say Vector A = {0, 1, 0} and B = {1, 0, 0}, the angle between these vectors is 45. We can find this angle by using combination of dot product and inverse cosine. But I would like to know the rotation vector like {45, 0, 0} Thanks for your time
  9. Guys. Help me a trigonometric functions problems, i have to calculation the angle of the polygon. The expression angle = acos (dot(N(V1),N(V2))) can't get the degrees great than 180, i have a polygon interior angle great than 180. How can i judge when negative the angle, I totally forget the dot product principle. Thanks. angle_between_vectors.hip
  10. Hi, I was trying to use the measure sop and the curvature mode to filter the flat part of my object and emit only from curved area but I didn't find very successul, does anyone know any other way to filter those areas ? Thanks ! Chistof