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Found 10 results

  1. Really like what Rob Bredow, head of ILM, says about creativity and how he was inspired to create an explosion 'that has never been seen before' by watching a slo-mo brothers experiment on youtube (at 29:00) https://youtu.be/kUoIbP1l9yA?t=1728
  2. The Vancouver Houdini User group is happy to host this years Houdini Users meetup mixer at Siggraph 2018. Please come and join us and fellow artists for a beer and nibbles, at Craft Beer Market (www.craftbeermarket.ca) on Monday 13th August from 7pm. You don't need a Siggraph pass but you do need to register to attend via this handy Everbrite link. We look forward to welcoming you all to Vancouver and Siggraph with a cool beverage, some Sidefx merchandise and the chance to win 200 Grid Market credits for online render time. The event has been made possible by the support of the following sponsors: Sidefx, Zerply.com, DNEG, MPC, and GridMarkets. We look forward to seeing you there Ed Lee Social Admin Vancouver Houdini User group
  3. No time for SIGGRAPH this year? Here's another GridMarkets presentation for you to watch from home: www.gridmarkets.com/siggraph2016-jeff-ranasinghe VFX Supervisor Jeff Ranasinghe talks about how Deeps, Dependencies and Automated Movie Generation can help speed your workflow. We also had some time to do a brief interview with Jeff! We hope you like the material.
  4. Are there recordings of the presentations at the SideFX booth at Siggraph?? Will those be posted online?? It'd be great! I'm particularly curios of: Break Down of Piper By Pixar's Vincent Serritella
  5. Just wanted to let you guys know, SideFX and Pluralsight have developed a new "Skill Path" on the Pluralsight platform. There's a specific list of courses for getting started and a test that helps you find out where you should start in the list if you already know some Houdini stuff but want to get better in certain areas. Check it out here: www.pluralsight.com/sidefx And there is a new course about designing VEX driven digital assets too: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-designing-vex-driven-digital-assets It's a course by Jonathan Granskog... I met him at FMX this year, super smart guy and a great course. Check it out if you get the chance. -- Cheers!
  6. Hi, has actually anybody tried this technique in production or equivalent experience with it? http://dev.ipol.im/~mdelbra/rhf/ This is just the latest one I found. Cheers, nap
  7. Hi all, I've started researching about realistic paper simulation (crumpling, deformation, folding) in Houdini. I would like to create custom tool, which allows users to create basic realistic paper simulation. This was already achieved by Rahul Narain et al. in their Siggraph paper (video showing the simulation - link) and I would like to achieve visually similar result in Houdini. I am relatively new to Houdini, but I would like to explore and learn more about how this effect could be accomplished. I've looked at cloth sim and dynamic remeshing, but I know you guys are much more experienced and I would like to ask you for your opinion. Is there anything you would suggest me to have a look at particularly or do you think paper crumpling could be approached in a different way as cloth? Thank you for your time and have a nice day,
  8. I will be there with a work mate both representing our school in Barcelona, FX Animation. Of course, I´ll attend to the User Group Meeting. Not so sure I´ll be able to attend to any training sessions, as I have a tight schedule this year. If you see me, don´t hesitate to chat! It will be nice for the few seconds I will allow you to speak before I monopolize the conversation talking about myself Also, it´s my first time in L.A.
  9. Houdini @ SIGGRAPH 2013 - Drop by our booth, register for the Houdini User Group meeting or sign up for a training session -http://bit.ly/11QzyqT
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