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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone. I cannot find any information on how to get an attributes created during the previous iteration within For Loop with Feedback? One of the dilemma why when Single Pass is on and Pass is 1+n, I cannot see attributes created on points from previous iteration? I use Fetch Feedback as a data for previous operations. And Fetch Point as a single point extraction around which I want to perform operations on the current pass. I tried to extract the number of the current iteration with Metadata node and find ptnum based on it, but without success. So I use Fetch Point for that. I wanna to pass attributes from current itteration to the next one. And read preaviously created attributes in current pass. So the the attributes would interact throut itterations. I add test file. 4loop_ftb_test.hipnc Any tips or tricks? 4loop_ftb_test.hipnc
  2. Hi, OK my scene is roughly a PDG setup with some work items, those have all been merged together into a single work item where all the attributes are merged into arrays. I am looking to access those attributes using component syntax ( @pdgoutput.1 or @pdgoutput.2 ). This works when I manually type in the component pull. I cannot get this to work in a For Number loop using the iter count. How can I build an expression that uses the string of the first part of the attribute ( "@pdgoutput." ) and concatenates it together with an detail interger in a SOP loop like @iteration? I have tried such expressions @pdgoutput.`detail("/obj/geo/merge1","iteration",0)` or even strcat("@pdgoutput.",`detail("/obj/geo/merge1","iteration",0)`) Though these all resolve to 0 I have thought to also try something like atof() though that wasn't working for me either. Does anyone know how to work up pdg array attributes in an expression like this? Is there a better way to do this?
  3. Hey people, I saw this free plugin for c4D https://www.behance.net/gallery/89028573/DIVIDER-FREE-C4D-FRAGMENTATION-PLUGIN It's pretty cool and this guy did a great set of animations with it. My question is... Anything ne have an idea of how to implement a similar system in Houdini... I would love to play with it. Thanks. Andy
  4. Link to Course In this 3 hour course I show you how to setup a system for dynamic and unique palm trees. No two are alike. I start from the very first leaf and go all the way through to rendering with Redshift in the most efficient way possible. At the end you will understand how to make your own trees and take these concepts and apply them to other setups that will bring your skills to the next level! Includes 13 Chapters and the final Houdini file. Also the assets to follow along. Full HD
  5. uhm... Im trying to avoid using copy stamp as suggested in H16 and use a For Each loop instead... but I cant seem to make sense out of it! (I watched a few videos and checked the help - but they seem pretty useless / over-complicated). I simply want to copy some geometry (eg. circles) onto some points (eg. on a line) + each point has an attribute --> I scale each geometry based on the point attribute. Seems like a perfect iterative loop over points task! When I put my copy to point(s) node inside the for each loop everything works fine (the copy node only receives one point which is fed iteratively from the the for loop). HOWEVER when I apply the transform node and I use vex (@attribute_name) to try to access the attribute value associated to that point to scale my geometry it doesnt work (I get 0). If I try to access the same attribute using a wrangle node it works. Maybe Im doing something silly wrong with the transform node... but what I do seems intuitively right (type the vex attrib name in the scale Thanks!
  6. I am kind of stuck on how to use loops alongside of VEX...or even at all. I'm posting my example file, but what I'm trying to achieve is just to have a function repeat - and if possible in different ways. In my file, it's a line and I'm making the scale of the point equal 1, if the ptnum and Frame are equal. My problem is repeating it. I tried using the solver sop, but it did as expected and just compounded the spheres scale to equal 0. I'm not really sure where to go from here Any help is always appreciated! loop.hipnc
  7. Hello I'm reading about the new H15 for loops. I'm trying to recreate this kind of pattern using the for loop So I built this network But, as you can see, there's no output and I'm not sure why (don't mind the bypassed fit range there) There's nothing in the scene besides a camera and a default grid and generic HDR Thanks.
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