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Found 8 results

  1. I can't seem to figure it out. The bricks won't render with motion blur no matter what I change. I unpacked them and checked if they have velocity vectors and they do. Also, there is motion blur if I hit the render points as spheres option in the redshift obj tab. I hope someone can help me out here
  2. Hiya, Do anyone know of a method of incorporating local velocity motionblur with object motionblur? example: You sim some smoke at the origin, and then with a transform make it spin in a circle post sim. If you want It to have the curvy motionblur from the transform animation and also have the vel velocity of the volume and use It for its velocity motionblur, well... does anyone know of a method, or have any idea on how to have both? Thanks!!
  3. hey I'm rendering some fluid with mantra, and I noticed that if I turn on motion blur the fluid gets darker, I thought it was an issue with low samples and noise, but even if I crack up the samples the fluid is still very dark compared to the image without motion blur
  4. Hi all, I'm confounded by a scenario and I'm hoping that someone else might have run across this. I have a light shader assigned to a Light Template object: let's call it myLight. It behaves as expected for non-motionblurred frames. But when I place it inside a subnetwork, put extreme motion in rotation and translation on the subnet, add a generic Light (spotlight) object to the subnet (at the same level as myLight), the generic light motionblurs properly but I get no motion blur my myLight's contribution. Here is the poignant code and information that I can tell: light myLight() { vector Plight = ptransform("space:light", Ps); Cl = max(0, 1-length(Plight*set(1,1,0))); } I am using Houdini 16.5 Mantra Raytrace mode. I am using exclusively xformational motion blur, 2 motion samples. I have the above light shader assigned to a Light Template object: myLight. myLight and a generic Houdini spotlight live in a subnet that has extreme translation and rotation animation. It behaves as expected for non-motionblurred frames, with and without rotational and translational transformations. It looks exactly the same with motionblur turned on, but the light from generic Houdini spotlight motionblurs properly in the same render. The vector version of the transformation, vtransform("space:light", -L); Seems to respect the translation component of the motion blur. BUT NOT the rotation component. So generally, myLight WILL motionblur, but not consistently in the right direction/magnitude. Weird. I have tried using the explicit path of the Light Template and to its containing subnet to see if I could jigger it. And the results are exactly the same: vector Plight = ptransform("/obj/mySubnet/myLight", Ps); vector Plight = ptransform("/obj/mySubnet", Ps); So I am wondering if I'm using the right transformation, the right variables, and if I am to add any special rendering intrinsics to the Light Template object to get the "space:light" transformation to respect the motion blur properly. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Anyone have this strange problem exporting particles from Houdini to Maya?It doesn't happens on all frames,its just sort of random,some frames render fime if you turn off snapping in timeline and scrub,weird. The render engine its Arnold,i know there is a way to carry the v information in vertex to Maya But this its the only way to avoid this issue? The particles are geo after a copy operator,nothing fancy
  6. Hi All, I am trying to shading a crack on a planet based on the depth of the crack. Since the planet before cracking is just a perfect sphere, I generated a spherical SDF bgeo and loaded it in my shader and do volume sample to get the signed distant value based on P. It all worked fine without motion blur, but when I turned on the motion blur to get camera motion blur the render result went wrong like the signed value is offseted. I am not using geo time motion blur or geometry velocity motion blur, just Xform time motion blur to get the camera motion. I have no idea how to fix that or is there a better way to color the crack without motionblur freaking out. I know it works in sop level but I need more detail so I try to move it into shader. I attached here my result render and one simple test I did to show the problem. Hope you guy could help me out and thank you in advance. This is a test render without motion blur, you can see the color separation clearly: This is a test render with xform motion blur, the blue color in crack invaded in the sphere also, creating an interesting but unwanted result: Please check my hip file, just use the rop inside the geo1 to write out the sphere volume then you can render to see the problem. You can try frames between 2-48 which has camera animation. The first frame render is correct since the camera haven't moved yet. I noticed if you just wrote out the volume, the attribute vop node in sop level may not update correctly, the render will be fine but you can try save and close then open the hipfile again to see the result, not sure if it is a minor bug of houdini or what. Again, any input would be helpful, thanks! test_volume.hip
  7. hey guys I have a scene with just camera movement following a car on the street, the building in the background is moving fast, and I want create a velocity pass for that I saw the thread from SESI how to create a shader for the moving objects http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=15521&sid=4dfeb5af02890aa795fa9cdfac9660a3 I understand the arrows shader, for object movement only how can I apply this to camera movement and subtract or add this value from the P moving objects? Im planning use the vectorBlur native node from Nuke to compose that image Thanks
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