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Found 6 results

  1. Hi to all, given that I have very little experience with VEX and nothing with Python … I'm trying in every way to modify the Range in the Parameter Interface with a specific dynamic datum. I would like the maximum value to be insertable on the result of an “if … else” expression that I have into my network. Is it possible to create this control type? I guess so … Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to allow more text to appear in the parameter interface for labels. I created this interface with the Edit Parameter Interface window.
  3. Hey guys, I am building a tool that needs to work on variations present in an asset package. And there are several different packages with different number of variations in them. this is what I need to do - on the surface level of my subnet, I need tick boxes[toggle] to turn a certain variation in the package on/off. this is what I have - I have wrangle inside the subnet that extracts the names of all the variations. Is it possible to populate the surface level of the subnet with these strings as labels for the toggle ? I am planning to implement the toggle in a subsequent wangle, depending on which toggles are on, I can delete the variation from the current stream. But the catch is the number variations is not same for all incoming packages. How can I populate the parameter interface of the subnet to pick up the variations from the incoming stream?
  4. Hi, I'd like to access the 'Hide When' parameter field in 'Edit Parameter Interface' via python. The idea is to access this field and store a string such as "{ showmoreinfo == 1 }". Is there a way to easily do this? I searched and found workarounds which involve calling the hide method i.e. hou.parm('/out/mantra1/vm_lightexport_scope21').hide(1) but this result in an inefficient system requiring hoops to achieve what I want. Any ideas? Thanks Luca
  5. Please forgive the x-post from the sideFX forums, maybe the ODForce scripting gurus can help me out - Im having trouble using python in an HDA that I'm sending over to Maya. I've attached a simple example HDA to set parameters using a callback script (button). Works like a charm in Houdini, but on the Maya side I need to hit my 'Execute' button, reset simulation, reload asset, sync asset until eventually the field updates to the correct value. Sometimes it works, other times it bugs out, and other times still it seems like it works but has a refresh issue. Any thoughts? Maya 2014 Houdini Engine 14.0.430 Callback Script: hou.pwd().hdaModule().setInitFrame() Script: import hou def setInitFrame(): me = hou.pwd() me.setParms({"initFrame": 736}) mrhoneSetparmExample.hda
  6. Hello, Is there a simple way of preserving Parameter Interface channel links when relocating a VOP (e.g. cutting a VOP and paste it inside another VOP [nesting it deeper])? I've promoted a heaps of VOP parameters to a shader interface, but now would like to move that part of the network inside of another VOP block. The links/channel references do not update to the new location. Is there a straightforward way of updating the links that avoids manual rebuilding? thanks, Chris