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Found 12 results

  1. Hello there, I recently purchased Houdini Indie and running the latest build 18.5.499. Everything running well so far except for the fact that I can't load my saved HDA. I made a Random rotation tool, it is saved in its default location (C:/Users/XYZ/Documents/houdini18.5/otls/Random_Rotation.hdalc). When I try to load it in, it shows up in the Digital Assets tab but appears to be nowhere in my tree graph when I click it. Could it be that the OTL folder that's been created is no longer valid for newer versions of houdini? What am I missing? Can't move ahead with my environment creation without loading the HDA. Thank you for any solutions to this.
  2. How to change number of inputs/outputs on a subnet? Is it possible without converting it to an HDA?
  3. I am trying to put a blast node inside a subnet, and then connect the blast selection part to the subnet parameter interface (to be able to select stuff without going in the subnet directly to the blast node to select). When trying to use the selection icon in subnet interface I get the 'NoneType' error below, and I am not sure how it could be resolved. Any ideas would be great Thanks in advance Edit: For anyone who may have this problem, I have found a fix. The reason for the error is the button needs to get data from the Group Type parameter (to determine whether to select primitive, points, etc), and that was not present as a parameter therefore causing the error. So either drag the Group type parameter as well to the subnet parameter interface, and it should work fine (though may be unnecessary if you know what group type you're using all the time and therefore useless clutter, that being my case). If you don't want to clutter the interface, this is how I fixed it by pointing the button's group type request to the blast node within via editing the action button script a bit. (Maybe not the most elegant code but works well enough for me).
  4. so i create a subnet with a few options in the parameter interface. outside that - i created 3 options joined by a switch. so i have 2 questions. 1) how do i create an HDA that keeps my current menu from the subnet and include that with a menu for the switch? i hope i am asking that right. 2) rather than having a slider for the switch - is there a way to create a toggle button for each option?
  5. Hello! I have a dopnet in a subnet. Let's say I have a parameter from one of the dop nodes exposed on the subnet. If I want to use $SF in my expression it obviously won't work because it's trying to evaluate that expression on the subnet. Whats a good work around? I tried many other options like ch, chs, and chsraw, but nothing seems to work. Same problem if I want to use `opintputpath("..",0)` but have the control on the subnet. I want it to be the input 1 of the dopnet, of course. Thanks! subnet.hip
  6. I've discovered that I can create a subnet with multiple outputs by using multiple output nodes inside the subnet. This is useful how ever i can seem to add labels to the outputs. The default outputs are Output 1 (output1), 2 , 3 ect. the subnet comes with 4 inputs by default with string parameters for the labels. I don't see how these string parameters are hooked up to the inputs or how to add labels for my outputs. does anyone know how to do this? thanks
  7. Hi, Is there a way to hide the contents of my subnet, I want to submit my sim on a remote machine and I do not want its contents to be exposed, is there any way to do this? Thanks
  8. When creating subnet and putting strings, I want to create auto string's selection like a attached picture. How can I do it for group, primitive, and volume names?
  9. Hi guys, I was wondering if it is there any way to change certain object's parameters depending on whether I'm inside of a subnet or not. Basically my problem is that I have a rendering subnet hda, which allows me to only render stuff that is inside, or referenced inside my subnet. But the issue is that if I have multiple subnets in my network with multiple lights in them, every light is visible in the viewport, making it hard to work with lights, since everything is visible and added together making the entire screen look blown out. I know I can disable the "Enable in Viewport" checkbox on my lights manually, but it would be awesome if it would be possible to only enable that checkbox on my lights when I'm actually inside my subnet and disable them when I go out from it automatically. In case anyone has any ideas on how to achieve this, I would appreciate if someone could nudge me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help! Best, Laszlo
  10. Just curious if it serves any purpose. If so then how do you plug-in 4 outputs from within the subnet?
  11. Hi, I have points that I want to render as volume. As the material, I created a Subnet from a Volume Cloud in SHOP. Without applying any material, I can see the points in the Render View. The issue is after applying the Subnet material, I cannot see anything in the Render View. What should I do to make the points renderable by using the material? Please find attached for the file... foam_test.hipnc (attached file: points with Volume Cloud Subnet as the material)
  12. Hi there. I got this setup for a dandelion which works perfectly, but then I collapse everything into a subnet. Now, if I move the subnet around, the particles sim doesn´t work properly. I looked inside and both the emitter and a group bounding object seem to be transformed more than the rest of the subnet. Is it a bug that I must report or am I doing anything wrong? Could you guys take a quick look. It´s all setup already. StrangeParticlesCoordinatesProblem.hipnc