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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, just a really quick and simple one. I want to delete based on Cd parameter, that I created with vopsop (I don't want to add a color SOP to have a local variable CD, because it would be slower and I'm working with lots of particles), and I'm unable to do so, because the expression @Cd.x>0.5 doesn't work in the blast SOP.. Can anyone explain me why? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am stuck on this. I have been trying to sort points from left to right and follow the sequence. I used the sort node but it is not sorting as I want it. How can do it? Please find the image attached below
  3. I am trying to put a blast node inside a subnet, and then connect the blast selection part to the subnet parameter interface (to be able to select stuff without going in the subnet directly to the blast node to select). When trying to use the selection icon in subnet interface I get the 'NoneType' error below, and I am not sure how it could be resolved. Any ideas would be great Thanks in advance Edit: For anyone who may have this problem, I have found a fix. The reason for the error is the button needs to get data from the Group Type parameter (to determine whether to select primitive, points, etc), and that was not present as a parameter therefore causing the error. So either drag the Group type parameter as well to the subnet parameter interface, and it should work fine (though may be unnecessary if you know what group type you're using all the time and therefore useless clutter, that being my case). If you don't want to clutter the interface, this is how I fixed it by pointing the button's group type request to the blast node within via editing the action button script a bit. (Maybe not the most elegant code but works well enough for me).
  4. Hello, hopefully someone can help. I have a creature exported from Maya as an Alembic where some of the normals were reversed. I’ve blasted out groups of those points and reversed the normals, then merged them back in. It works fine on frame 1, but as I scrub time the point numbering changes, so the points defined in the group are wrong. Can I make the numbering stick so groups work? What would a Houdini artist do? I’m primarily a Maya artist, and in Maya the CVs ID doesn’t change. Could it be to do with how I exported the alembic? I don't have a Maya licence at home so can't easily re-export to check the options.
  5. I am having a really tough time matching the reference of cannon firing from an old pirate ship. I am not able to get the smoke quality and shape or the wind that picks it up. My sim always ends up looking too powdery or thick. If I lower dissipation then the fire or explosive part remains too long. I would be grateful for a working scene file or a setup. Here is the reference:
  6. Hello! How can I delete by particle ID in a blast/delete sop? It seems like it would just be $ID == 2 to delete particle with ID 2, or something like that. Nothing I tried worked : ( thanks
  7. Ok so I've done the opposite using a Blast, removed all primitives from my DOP import in order to properly convert and surface my particles. But now I want to remove the particles, keeping only my primitive geometry after my DOP import. I'm trying to also use a Blast but have been unsuccessful so far. And then hopefully merge these primitives with my surfaced particles to just a single RENDER (null) node. My end goal is to just have a SINGLE render pass for a FLIP sim with primitive geometry under water. Not even sure if this is possible.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to do an HDA that will have an input of a geometry, delete geo keep points... then a point blast based on a selection and then output it as obj sequence. well I want it to be an HDA so I need to make the selection in the digital asset upper level. The problem is when I drag the group selection to the parm interface it copies but then I select the little arrow and it says not enough inputs connected... do you have any idea how to connect them and be available to select in the top level? I'll send an example in attach. blast_selection.hda
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