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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to learn the best workflow for Ragdoll simulations. I have a very basic knowledge on KineFX so I believe it's best to start with the simplest scene possible. Here's what I have now: Simple_Bones_0201.hip It works!! But I don't know how to work with it properly. First of all, is this the best workflow for this? Edit: the following topics are all solved - It looks like there's an "automatic" way to configure the joints limits using a motion clip. I tried a couple things but it didn't worked as I expected - There's also an automatic way to create the collision shapes This is the only joint limit I set up, but it doesn't work as I expected. I was expecting the joint to rotate only inside the blue limits, but it does the other way around (as you can see in the animation). Can anyone explain what's going on? This is it for now. Any tips would be amazing, even not related to my doubts Scene file is attached Thank you
  2. Hello there! When I click "Bone1", Ragdoll collision shapes adds a collision node to point0. The same happens when I click Bone2, Bone3 or Bone4. How do I add collisions to Bone1 .. Bone4? Should I click respective joints 4, 7, 1 and 8? But that does not seem right. The node configure joints is similarly puzzling. Does the image bellow mean that the Bone1 will move only in the cone displayed by the sphere? I've noted in a yellow color valid positions that I imagine.
  3. Hello, i have a question about RBD ragdoll simulation. I have two simple agents that consists of three cylinders each. Is it possible to connect sepparate ragdoll collision shapes with additional constraint? Let's say with a fixed line that would bind them together? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to pin multiple iterations of the default biped to points of an animated deformed geometry, via the crowd system, but with the ragdoll activated. Actually, as if the body was literally nailed, hanging to the points, each part of the body moving accordingly to the point position, ragdoll on each. Like a dead doll whose limbs would move according to the support on which it's nailed… In other words : kind of similar to the effect of a copy to point operation, but where each copied body would benefit from it's own independent ragdoll effect, while every one sticks to its corresponding moving point. I managed to populate each point of my target geo with the biped, but the default behavior, when using the “populate” command, defines that each point is the spawn location of the crowd agent. Collision layer and joints, ragdoll is activated, but I can't find the way to pin each body to a target point, and make the ragdool work as I want. Maybe some of you masters of H will have some ideas on how to constrain each members of a crowd to a point, on a ragdoll state ?
  5. Hi guys, I'm working on a ragdoll setup where the characters are just falling. There's no transition between states. I did it pretty much from the shelf and now I'm stucked. Here's a couple of thing's i'd like to do: 01 - Get rid of the Walk State. Right now my setup have a Walk and Ragdoll State and I'm using a trigger to change states right on the first frame. It's working but can I keep this setup clean without this useless state? If I switch off the Walk state the characters get super messy and I have no idea why. My knowledge on crowds is really limited btw 02 - Custom Character. How can I put a character from Mixamo? I rigged this custom character there but coudn't make it work like the Mocap Biped 1 (I'll make a file showing the issue later. Can't share the one I have now) 03 - Mix some different models. I haven't even tried this and I have no idea on where to start. (Solved) 04 - Control the bounciness and friction of the ragdolls - the parameters can be controlled on the crowdobject 05 - Add initial random velocity for the limbs. Right now they're too rigid before they hit the ground Any of the questions answered would be really helpful on this work. Thank you RnD_0103.hiplc
  6. Hello people I am fairly new to houdini, and I am trying to set up a crowd sim with ragdoll effect. I have prepared everything according to tutorials I have see online, and keep getting error messages in regards to the constraints. here are some screenshots:
  7. Hi wonderful people of OddForce. How would you go about constraining an agent to a rigid object (not an agent but regualr rbd/bullet object), in a crowd sim?
  8. Hey guys, having trouble getting a ragdoll simulation to work, I have everything set up working great except the collisions on my mesh. It looks fine in the preview, but then joints stick together and the feet fall off and stick to the floor. Any ideas?
  9. I have a Ragdoll Simulation of a Character that is falling into water. Everything is working so far but I can't get the Water to affect the agent. He is just falling through the water like it's not there. Even when I set the Feedback Scale to very high values the Character won't float on the water at all. When I use a simple geometry like a sphere instead of the Agent it will float on the water correctly. Any Ideas what is causing that?
  10. Hi so Im stuck here... I have this basic setup, with ready to go agent its work well.. I now need to switch Agent geo to a custom "Fatty" one.. So I bind it to a joints from agent setup, "baked agend" but it looks like whole new geo is binded to just a root joint... Cant figure it out. H17 B. Custom_Agent_Help.zip
  11. Guest

    Crowds Ragdoll

    Hi all I'm trying to make a bunch of people run/jump out from a cliff. However, trying to follow some video tutorials. Every time I have baked my agent and want to setup "Collision layer" and "Configure joints" something goes wrong. I'm using an off the shelf Mocap biped 3, and as soon as I do the collision layering and joints, nothing gets selected automatically as in the videos. If I select and setup the joints myself, as soon as I simulate, the head, legs and what not pops right off and everything is chaos. Can anybody explain me how to do this properly. Never worked with Crowds before. Thank you so much in advance
  12. hey all another crowd question - is it possible to make the crowd drop the weapons they are carrying when they collide with my object and turn to ragdolls? It only seems to be stuck in the characters hand and it would be awesome to put layers like weapons and helmets on them and have all that fall off when they are hit with my object? right now my agent has an agent layer in that is pointing to the hammer mesh i built (simple shape built in another sop network) - its constrained to the hand nicely but how would i get those to disconnect when the character turns to ragdoll? Would it be another trigger setup?
  13. hi everyone got a little problem here - i've setup a ragdoll system for my crowd... i've animated a door in maya that opens up and that was exported from maya via alembic. the prob is as the characters run towards the door they sort of collide around a bounding box and i cant figure out why? has anyone encountered this? Its really pickling my head - they are clearly hitting a bounding box of the opening doors I'm afraid i cant send a scene either anyone any ideas? thanks ant
  14. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/crowds/ragdoll hey guys quick one here - i found this in the manual after doing a google search - but i cant for the life of me suss out how to do that? There is a crowdobject node in my crowd sim network but i cant suss out how to switch it to dop impact objects as this tip suggests? Can anyone help this would be a huge help! ta ant
  15. Hey, finally my H15 Crowd tutorial was released on Digital Tutors/Pluralsight. It covers the preparation of animated characters for the crowd system, several behaviours/states/transitions and ragdoll effects! In the end you will have a complete crowd scenario with hundreds of agents and more than 8 different animation clips + ragdoll.. Here you can take a look and feel free to get in contact with me for any further questions and/or feedback Crowds in H15 Just a quick side note...as SideFX is improving the crowd system a lot (even with every daily build) there is now the possibility to import animations directly from the FBX file, which makes the preparation process easier, but nevertheless I think its good to understand whats going on under the hood and you can also start with a later lesson, where all agents are already cached out... Cheers
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