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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, My name is Daniel Moreno, I am an Effects Artist based in Sao Paulo. Brazil. I have many years of experience with Maya and Realflow, and about 2 years Houdini. My main expertise is Fluid Simulations but Having been doing a lot of other things as well. This page has my Bio, Resume and Reels: http://danmoreno.com/v05/#about-us http://vimeo.com/danmoreno http://linkedin.com/in/danmoreno/ http://facebook.com/danmoreno3k PS: How do I embed vimeo here? Daniel Moreno
  2. Hey! We are looking for a water simulation artist to create CG water for our 3D animated short. We need a Realflow/Water Simulation artist who can make great CG water to integrated with character and environment. We have every aspects done except water sim and rendering. Please send your reel/portfolio and I am looking forward to working with you. Required skills: RealFlow, Water Simulation, CGI, 3D, VFX email: zhaoyuzh@usc.edu
  3. Mr. X is looking for talented FX Artists to join our award winning team! We invite you to peruse our reels at https://www.mrxfx.com/work/ We have positions in both Toronto and New York studios. Job Description Work closely with VFX Supervisors and Leads to determine best approach to solve effects challenges and develop final look in shot development Work with other TDs, art directors and designers to create photo-real effects and physically accurate simulations Accurately interpret concept art and design from the Art Department Use and understand 3D / 2D applications such as Houdini, Maya, and Nuke Provide input regarding tools and interfaces to improve throughput Producing a final overall look that far exceeds client expectations. Qualifications At least 2 years of feature film production experience working with Houdini and/or Maya Experience with RealFlow, FumeFX, and Naiad a plus Experience lighting and rendering with Mantra, Renderman, and V-Ray a plus Ability to script in Python and Hscript. C++ and HDK and plus Ability to quickly master proprietary effects tools and pipeline tools Ability to design, self-direct, and organize your work Strong communication skills and must be able to work well within a team Exercise a high level of focus and skill in a fast-paced production environment Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving Strong demo reel and/or portfolio in realistic effects animation, lighting, arts or engineering. To apply please visit https://www.mrxfx.com/careers/
  4. Q-Solver Plugin for Realflow

    Hey Folks, I recently heard about Yannik F.'s Q-Solver Plugin for Realflow (275$) which looks really promising for small-scale liquid-simulations (good surface tension, sheeting, etc.) In my opinion even better than some custom fusionCIS stuff). What do you guy's think about it? (There's a lot more RnD stuff on Yannik F's Vimeo-channel) Annother Example: Release-Notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ud8qBa35r8 I'm (still) wondering if something like this is possible in Houdini. I know that Alejandro Echeverry is working on some similar stuff (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18111-flip-smorganicsheeter-effect/) , but his tool is to my knowledge not yet finished and available for public use. Is there something similar in H? I did some small-scale stuff a few weeks ago, it turned out ok, but the results couldn't get close to the q-solver stuff - even with a surface tension microsolver attatched to my flip-solver. Some the discussion regarding my project and the topic can be found here: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22272-how-to-emit-additional-small-droplets-from-a-water-drop-crown-splash/. I'm courious what you think!
  5. Whitewater workflow for Maya

    Hello, I think I've just blown my head trying to figure out a solution for this but I hope you can help me I made a simulation of water and whitewater in Houdini and then used alembic to send the mesh to Maya for rendering. The whitewater particles were sent via the Realflow connectivity plugin in .bin format. Maya had no problem opening both the water mesh and the whitewater particles, but my problem is that Maya can't compute any motion blur, I think this is because the files I exported do not have any motion vector information in them. Is there any way I can export this information and use it in Maya? To export the water mesh, I created the simulation and then I exported it to .bgeo sequence from the import node, then I re imported the .bgeo sequence in a new geometry file and created the mesh using the "particle fluid surface node" and from there I connected a ROP alembic output node. To export the white water I got into the whitewater source node and in that level I created the RF Particle Export node and in it's properties I referenced whitewatersource.cache in the SOP Path Also, I saw a video where v-ray proxy import is used to generate motion blur with some realflow mesh with the same problem, I don't know if I can do the same in Arnold, which is what I'm using for rendering. I'm quite new to the software but I'm loving it, if you can help me I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Has anybody ever used a Realflow simulation as base for Whitewater generation in Houdini13? I loaded a particle cache (RPC) from Realflow into Houdini and fed it into the whitewatersource node. The Realflow particles are having attributes like position, vortrictiy or velocity and I can read this information in Houdini. In the manual for H13's whitewater source node, it says: Input can also consist of particles from a Particle Fluid simulation or another simulation package, in which case this SOP can generate compatible volumes.(...) However, it seems like Houdini doesn't really understand the information coming from Realflow's RPC particles as there are no emission particles created, no matter how I set things up. I might need to further convert those into something different and rename some attributes so it matches the way Houdini's usually naming things. Anyway, if there is anybody out here who's done that before, or has some ideas on it and is willing to share some knowledge, this was very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am trying to import a Realflow simulation into Houdini for an effect. I can import the mesh just fine, but when I try to import the splash and foam particles, they just fly around all over the place for no apparent reason... Anyone know the reason why or can point me to some documentation that better describes the process? Thanks in advanced!