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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I'm a student and just picking up Houdini for this final year of study and want to create custom UVs for my models coming out of Reality Capture so the texture maps aren't as messy. However there are two issues I'm having and even after looking online and trying out the solutions I got no results sadly. 1) My first issue is upon making custom UVs with poly reduce, auto UVs and transferring those new UVs onto the old high rez model. Importing into Reality Capture there appears to be missing polygons along the UV seams (this will be show in Fig.1)and quite a reduction in poly count. https://imgur.com/i7OFlYu [imgur.com] 2) I'm not sure if this is related to Houdini or Reality Capture but the textures look a little off as well (minus the very obvious texture stretch on the far right in Fig.2 I know this is UV unwrapping problem), it appears that the texture created onto these new UVs are looking at edge normals but I did add a normal node to smooth out the edges. https://imgur.com/CSgRBU7 [imgur.com] Fig.3 shows the texture straight out of Reality Capture and compared to Fig.2 This is a hella lot better https://imgur.com/bbTDbSx [imgur.com] Let me know if the attachments worked, not sure if they did Any help will be greatly appreciated Custom_UVs.hip
  2. Looking for an online tutor to spend 1-2 hours per week over the next month helping me straighten my curent workflow between Houdini and Unreal for a few personal projects. Emphasis will be on Houdini but knoweldge of Unreal is important. Very much a beginner in both softwares. Previous experience has mostly been in Zbrush. Currrently a student so I can only pay $35 per 40 mins. Drop me a line at charcoaldrake@gmail.com if interested.
  3. Hi there. I have finished my 2nd year in uni and I'm looking to build a killer FX reel by the time I graduate next year. I would greatly appreciate advice on what to work on in the next year and criticism on my current showreel. For the next year at uni, we have to make a short film for which I'll be doing the fx.It is currently centred around a snow leopard in a Mongolian landscape. I was planning to create a custom material point snow solver and am currently learning c++ and the HDK. My current showreel is available here: Thank you and have a good day
  4. Greetings on behalf of the Principium team! We are a group of seven third year students from NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda, the Netherlands. We have been working on this cinematic short film project for 19+ weeks, from it's conception and storyboard to the stage you see now. We hope to complete and release this short film in July, 2018. We're using Houdini and Redshift for Houdini for various effects in the film, some being crucial narrative points, and others being to add juice! We want to bring you along on the last two months of our project, and share our progress as we near completion! Feel free to give any feedback or comments, we look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Hello My name is Nathan Kelley and I'm currently studying Computer Animation and VFX at Leeds Beckett University. I'm currently making my dissertation and I need people to be involved in the research which I've chosen a questionnaire. The Dissertation topic is called "Can Houdini be a good alternative to 3DS Max and Maya". If you have experience with Houdini whether a beginner or advanced user please answer my questionnaire at the link below. https://zephyrx24.typeform.com/to/DpzbrH All the help will be appreciated, Thank you very much for your time. From Nathan Kelley
  6. My name is Raul Boza, I recently obtained a B.A in Cinema Visual Effects from Columbia College Chicago. If you click on this link: http://bit.ly/2cEeohK, you will find the Break Down Sheet if interested. Thanks for watching!
  7. Hi, I'm just a beginner here and have a class assignment with viscous fluids, but I cannot seem to find anything on what settings to use in the autoDopNetwork to make various type of liquids. For instance what the best settings would be for toothpaste, vs honey. Do any of you know of a book or tutorial? I've even checked Lynda.com. Thanks!
  8. Hello, My name is Alex Pavel and i'm from Romania. I have a background in Fine Arts and Architecture. I just graduated a one year Houdini FX class with cgspectrum school and i'm looking for a junior position. This is my showreel: Thank you, Alex Pavel
  9. Hi, I would like some advice in order to improve this shot, which is in the beginning an exercise given by my teacher in order to learn tracking (we had to track the shot and put in some 3d). We had initially 3 days and now that the deadline is passed, I would like to make this shot part of my future demo-reel. I already see some things which aren't good, like the wet map on the walls, the foam doesn't live enough. So, I would appreciate any advice given. Thx Here is the link to the video: https://vimeo.com/147815681
  10. Hey guys, I've been studying FX for the past 6 months at school and for my demo reel I chose a shot and decided to make a dragon made out of smoke... I got inspiration mostly from the Harry Potter movies and other mystical things and my fascination for Smoke Bomb Photography. The effects/animation/composting are done by me, the model is provided by Alex Obregon ( ... This is a link to his reel) . I couldn't of done it without him! The element is separated by key components of the dragon... For example both legs are separated, the torso, the skull, jaw... and so on. For the composting I've painted certain details and rendered them out as volume primitives to get some of the key details back from the dragon into the smoke simulation. Also, in the simulation you can see an obvious jump from one of the backlegs... I hadn't noticed this until this morning after rendering out the simulation and am now working on it now. This is also only half of the simulation... the rest will be uploaded shortly. (Friday, just in times for weeklies!) Thanks guy, I appreciate your feedback immensely! I'm planning on wrapping up this simulation and having my breakdown by the end of this month. The password is "odforce" ... no quotations (because I love you guys!) The first video is it over black in a turntable (shakey, I'm working on fixing it) the second video is it over the plate... the composting is still a work in progress and as of now this is just a quick slap comp.
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