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Merry Christmas


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Just want to wish everyone here a merry christmas and a happy new year!

I also have a present for you. It consists of two parts:

A christmas animation (I hope you like it and please overlook most of the aliasing and artifacts :-( ):

http://www9.informatik.uni-erlangen...stmas_large.avi (6MB)

and for those with a slow modem-connection:

http://www9.informatik.uni-erlangen...stmas_small.avi (3MB)

The second part is a custom otl for Houdini, which was used for this animation (see attachment). It is a new object called LegoStones and guess what it is doing?!? You have to specify a shell-geometry and then click on the "Generate..." button to create the stones. First you should try something simple, like a sphere or torus, because the operator is pretty cost-intensive.

Note: You have to enable the display of points to see something in the viewport, because everything is rendered using instances.



(Edit: fixed links.)


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