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[REDSHFT] Materials

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I am looking for redshift shaders/materials to buy.

I am also intrested in importing/converting fbx materaials to Redshift.


Anyone have any suggestions? It seems to me that a nice set of materails would make Redshift or houdini a lot more powerful...

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FBX materials in general are pretty lame to begin with. So there is no reason to convert them. Most FBX objects typically have image maps associated with them so all you need to do is plug a rsTexture into the diffuse color of the rsMaterial to re-establish the basic look.

I manage my FBX material mapping in Houdini using wrangles to re-write the shop_materialpath, like so...

if (find(s@shop_materialpath,"some_FBX_material_name")>0) {
    s@shop_materialpath = "/shop/rs_new_material_name";

Redshift materials are so easy to setup I can't imagine what is really holding you back from making your own. If you are new to node based materials systems in general, just watch a few videos to get up to speed (Rohan Dalvi, Varomix). Redshift materials are fairly simple so there is not really a lot to learn.

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