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16.5 has removed the 'For Each Subnetwork', what should I use instead?

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the new workflow is to use the newer for-each loop network


if you arent comfortable with those and need to follow a tut exactly you can unhdie the old for-each subnetwork using "opunhide" function in the textport

opunhide Sop For-Each     

^or something to that extent




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I'm also a novice and have encountered this problem for the Lake House tutorial. Does anyone know what I can use instead? I'm new to for-loops in general so I'm feeling pretty lost and overwhelmed. Thanks in advance. 

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On 1.2.2018 at 4:59 PM, duveil said:

Actually new for each block is easier.Just put a spare input and use detail function.I added a file with v16.5 .I hope it helps


Hey, I just tested your file and applied the referencing to my tutorial test file: in the end, when I add new boxes it works, but after iteration 1 the new box just disappears. I double checked every line of code and every connection, but I can't seem to find the mistake. Also I can't find the option from the old for each network where you can not only edit the iteration number, but the overall "number" in x,y,z, where then the boxes are added. I really just want to achieve the same result as in the tutorial. 

Could anyone have a look at the file?





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On 3/22/2018 at 3:20 PM, choix said:

Hey guys, I found the solution now. So even in duveil's file there were some problems that didn't make it work in the end. The first block has to have "fetch feedback" instead of "fetch input" to make it work just like the old loop. File atattched.


thank you for this, I was going crazy trying to make this work.

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On 19/12/2019 at 18:28, joschy3d said:


se alguém estiver interessado, o loop for com blocos compilados;)



Hi joschen , I noticed in your file, as well as in the files of this same post, that the blocks generated by the interaction are duplicated, if you look at the information on what comes out in the end, you will see that the number of primitives is much greater than it should be. do you know how to solve this?

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