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how to create small pieces between big chucks


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Is there any good workflow of creating small pieces between big chucks when doing bullet sim?

After creating big rbd pieces using boolean tool, how would you go about creating the small pieces along the seam area?

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You can also try using a pointreplicate, around your original large chunk points. When many points are around a single area, the fracture will surround them with smaller pieces.



Another way is to leverage the debris, system, which releases particles around the seams of the larger chunks. You can copy smaller random rocks shapes to those generated points.


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Another method I can think of when creating grout between big chunks, is duplicating the shatter planes you give to the Boolean SOP, use a Connectivity SOP to give your planes an attribute to tell them apart inside a Point VOP. Inside the Point VOP, you have to bind the attribute you created earlier and feed it into a Random VOP, which is set to output a 3D Vector and used as an offset for your noise.



But this method isn't perfect as it requires additional cleanup due to some of the resulting pieces.

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