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cool experiments!!!! а можно с тобой где нибудь в другом месте поговорить по русски? Ты тут пишешь, что занимаешься этим по фану, может тебя заинтересует поучаствовать в фановом проекте, которого ещё нет?) Я почти уверен, что тебе будет интересно) Я почему так сразу по русски написал? - где - то видел твой комент))) может и ошибся - тогда sorry)))) но у тебя очень крутые наработки? я прям пищу от них - сам я в гуди совсем недавно и не могу особо чем то подобным похвастаться)))

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Even harder for me to get it, even in VEX or Python i will have more chance :)

Find these experiments interesting as well, havenùt found an opportunity to dig into chop yet. Still obscur how you get this patern

Did you trace the trail of particules motion using this chop expressions Tessan?


Oh as Tessan like to say, have fun,  Endless fun :D

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Everything is based on Chops and ratio of points and vertices, there are 9 (shapes) variations of endless (trillion) patterns. Combine with music (different freq or just regular wave) or just have fun with math. Splines that can easily manipulate and with this modeling is relatively simple.

p1nb b202hy255_0077.jpg

p1nb bb5202hy255_0077.jpg

p1nb bb52255_0077.jpg

p1nb bb52hy255_0077.jpg





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On 14/06/2020 at 12:11 PM, Librarian said:

Me and patterns Just having Fun and learning.





I love this, make still can t understand how to get that with chop . I see a formula with your pic but its not for a point vop Tesan , its more a regular expression, hummm.. :unsure:

Not very friendly yet with Chops. May lean to know that beast better... The only way i used it was to stabilize some motion from sim like vellum , if you measure velocity , filter the anim and blend with the original anim and the slighty smoothed anim when the velocity was sup to your input threshold.

Fro now i have been playing with different procedural and concept for a work, and some stupidy like this ... Doughnut with Covid :)






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@vinyvince Not Point Vop !!  OLD POINT SOP --just use that expr on black Color ..and in ChOps- wave and OUT(plus you have BILLION ways to do patterns )use limit : (and use chopf-chopi -chopt) depending on what you want  ..THAN HAVE FUn ...And yes use HAVEFUN.hipnc
Still I adjusting that file ...Having FUn :wub:-----LOve creature :)

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