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between lessons

I know what I need. Just need to learn how to have more control with normals  ( using here add to the floor and different bias with gLib -Dev). Just crazy about little critters :wacko:..that I gonna implement to this





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This its final lesson and I think for those who don't know about this code it gonna open a lot of Fun and understanding about colors and what it can be achieved  (a salute to Dude Satoru Yonekura..@yone80@github for CODE).almost 3 yrs old file

Basically it takes a value of the gray and makes a Spline mMMMmmmmm (endless possibility )  don't mind in which axis (Alllllll)

I use here qLIb for manipulation of shapes and attribute (for you gonna see):rolleyes:......

If you combine with already made stuff And many tutorials on the net and here you can make absolutely everything.(archy, biology, modeling complex stuff, having fun with CNC, having fun with particles,  ...........etc

I have 10000 files ( on the subject) ..you gonna get 3  :P don't need more trust me


I just provide IMAGINE :wub:



Sorry for any errors I use H 16.5 :blush:




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