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Fractals Vol and some ex with L-system + using Rest to Paint and Make In solver different Textures(tip with solver in this Topic You can make texture like Flow in The edges easy and fast)  and Other Stuff Sky its Limit .
Tip if you combine script from this Topic for diff projection you can make some nice Fractal (sensitive to number).Tip if you use l-system with chops and Paint rest you can make Fractal City 20 sec.
Have Fun.:wub:



Fractals Paint and Texture Making.hiplc

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int prim0 = addprim(0,"poly");

float u;
float r;
vector center;
vector pos;

int n = 100;

for(int i = 0;i<n;i++){
    u = float(i)/(n-1);
    u *= 3*PI;
        pos = center+r*set(cos(u),sin(u),0);
        }else if(u >= PI && u < 2 *PI){
            r = 0.5;
            center= {-0.5,0,0};
            pos = center+r*set(cos(u),sin(u),0);
            r = 0.5;
            center= {0.5,0,0};
            pos = center+r*set(-cos(u),sin(u),0);
            pos.x *= -1;
int prim1 = addprim(0,"circle",addpoint(0,{0,0,-0.001}));
matrix3 scale = 1;

int prim2 = addprim(0,"circle",addpoint(0,{0.5,0,0.01}));
setprimintrinsic (0,"transform",prim2,scale);

int prim3 = addprim(0,"circle",addpoint(0,{-0.5,0,0.01}));


Yin and yang


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Make beautify patterns with arrays

int dim = chi("dim");
int prim;
int pt;
int npt = chi("npt")*dim;
int pts[];
int randn;
int randpt;

   for(int i;i<dim;i++){
vector2 uniform_num;
for(int i;i<npt;i++){
    uniform_num = set(i%dim,i/dim);
    pt = addpoint(0,uniform_num);
    prim = uniform_num.x;;
    if(prim == 0){
        pts = array(i+1,i+1+dim,i+1-dim);
        }else if (prim == dim-1){
         pts =array(i-1,i-1+dim,i-1-dim);
         }else if (uniform_num.y==0){
         pts = array(i+dim,i+dim+1,i+dim-1);
         }else if (uniform_num.y == chi("npp")-1){
         pts = array(i-dim,i-dim+1,i-dim-1);
         pts =array(i-1,i+1,i+dim+1,i+dim-1,i-dim+1,i-dim+1);
         if(i == 0){
            pts =array(i+dim,i+1,i+dim+1);
            if (i == dim-1){
            pts = array ( i+dim,i-1,i+dim-1);
            if (i == npt -dim){
            pts = array ( i-dim,i+1,i-dim+1);
            if (i == npt -1){
            pts = array ( i-dim,i-1,i-dim-1);
          int pts_no[];
          foreach(int ptn;pts){
           randn = floor(len(pts_no)*rand(i));
           randpt = pts_no[randn];





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On 2/21/2021 at 3:38 PM, Librarian said:

Thanx Asia Forums and @talkyren I Found Perfect Flower Higanbana and Nice tricks in VEX yupiiii ..It has million Option for improvement ...Have Fun.

image.thumb.png.81cd79b841a58295cdf7f91abe672739.pngnow experimenting with flowers) moving towards more control - this is the past iteration)  disappointed with l-system - bad animation, not enough attributes in the output...  )))) BUT I have MANYALOTOF fun with flowers) it's like japanise kalligraphy - very interesting) p.s. google english)

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2 hours ago, Librarian said:

Thanx to Asia Forums


Picture look like cellular automata in 3d space, is it?

if you could export it to magical voxel, that could make a great shinning palace :)

And don't be shy, make it grow my friend!


Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts


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