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Free Pig Head Sculpt


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Hey friends,

Had a fellow 3d person stop by my youtube channel where I mostly sculpt random Zbrush stuff and ask for this model to be donated to the Houdini community:

Which I think is a brilliant idea as I dabble with Houdini myself and love it.

So here you go, have fun, would love to see some awesome things created with my humble sculpt :) Use it for whatever, personal, commercial. A link back to me/my channel always massively appreciated, but no obligations.



PS hope this is the right section of forum to post this, apologies if not.



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This nice model could definitely not be left without texture.
There is two model with UVs.
The first (PigHead_v01c_UVs Conformes.obj) is "original asset material compatible", as you can see it's really far to be perfect.
In addition to the visible seams, the bucolic look is a bit lost.


But it's not really the point, the second model (PigHead_v01c_UVs.bgeo.sc) has clean uvs, also not perfect, but at least no overlaping or stretching, and ready to paint.
The next step haha.

I attached also a hip file with the UV network.

Pighead UVs.rar


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Finally found some time to paint some textures.
I try to keep it "cute". it's why skin bump is light.
I even like it without any bump. This gives it a slightly cartoonish look.

My renders are done with redshift, but in the file it's a (pretty close) Mantra version.
hop you like it :).

textures geo and hip file attached.







geo tex.zip

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