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Thomas Helzle

Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

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Then I thought I should take it to the third dimension and came up with a funny solution:


This is about 12 divisions from a cube.

My idea was, that I would pack the initial cube, check the boundingbox in primitive mode in my loop and if it contained at least one point, "subdivide" it by scaling it down by 0.5, unpack it and place one still packed downscaled cube on each point of the resulting unpacked cube with copy to points. If the cube contains no points, it would not be in the "do" group so I would not scale or unpack it and place only one packed cube at the centroid point - redundant but works compiled where a merge does not. 

I guess there are better algorithms out there, but I enjoyed the compact simplicity of this one.
Compiled it's still rather fast, although no longer realtime as the 2D one.



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really inspiring, im really inspired by this to do art like this, ive been so technicall latelly, ill get more artistic, thanks

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"Shells of Light"

My second piece with extreme DOF in Redshift. 
The basis is a shell made of wires.
There are no lights other than a HDRI environment in the scene and no post effects are used other than color correction in Luminar2018 & Photoshop.
All the structures are the result of the very shallow  depth of field.
Rendered at 10000 pixels square for high res printing. Took about 9 hours with a GTX 980 TI and a GTX 1080 TI at 32768 samples per pixel max.

Prints: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/shells-of-light-thomas-helzle.html


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